Review: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tower Review

Go Pet Club is one of the leading providers of pet furniture products in the United States since 2003. The brand offers a wide variety of pet furniture on the market with exclusive design on cat trees and pet related products.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is very eye-catching and a little more stylish in terms of design than its counterparts that is both loved by cats and their owners. The color is cool and the design is compact which makes it easy to blend with most room design and color scheme. The multiple scratching posts covered with natural sisal ropes make is compelling for cats as it is placed in strategic locations which will keep them off your belongings.

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Features of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Here are some of the features of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree:

Soft and Amazing Texture

The carpet that covers the cat tree is very soft and the texture is great. The texture is designed in a way that cats will love to rub and sleep on. It is also nice and silky to the touch.


The structure of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is sturdy and the construction is great quality. Compared to other cat towers, the construction is solid and the triangle from the bottom gives it a pretty good stability when your cats are jumping and playing on it.

Easy to Assemble

It is easy to assemble and comes with an instructional manual that makes it a breeze for even those that aren’t so handy. It takes about 25 minutes to assemble and all the tools you need are included in the assembly kit.

Benefits of the Go Club Cat Tree

Very Affordable

The Go Pet Club cat tree is very affordable, especially for the level of quality. You get a great cat tree for your pet with the Go Pet Club cat tree without spending much.

Reduces Boredom

You cat will say goodbye to boredom with this cat tree. It will always keep your pet occupied either by scratching, jumping or even relaxing.

Safe to Use

Safety is the top-most priority and the Go Pet Club will never compromise that. The cat tree is designed with your pet safety in mind as the material used is environmental-friendly materials that are harmless to you and your pet.

High Quality

Go Pet Club products undergo firm quality control standards which ensure its solid design and high-quality.

Made in the USA

The product is made in the USA and all standards are adhered to during the manufacturing process with the guarantee of a quality product.

Looks Great

The brown color looks great and classy on the cat tree, the design is attractive to both humans and cats alike. The design is also sleek and compact as it does not take much space after assembly.

Very Interactive

One of the most interesting aspects of the Go Pet Club cat tree is the hanging mouse toy. The mouse toy keep cats entertained for hours as they spend most of their time playing and interacting with it.

Less Scratching in Your Home

The scratching post in the Go Pet Club cat tree is the type that cats love. The sisal rope will keep your cat’s scratching limited to the scratching post thereby saving your furniture, clothing, and shoes safe from scratches. They are placed in a strategic location to be convenient for your cat to use at his leisure.

Cons of the Go Club Cat Tree

  • The top perch of the cat tree is slightly shaky.
  • The mouse toy attached to the tree by string is kind of weak. It cuts easily but can be quickly fixed.
  • The cat tree is not suitable for large cats.


The Go Pet Club cat tree is an awesome piece of cat furniture at an affordable price. It’s quality design is very sturdy and has ample interactive features to keep your cat amused. The scratching posts are made with sisal ropes which will keep your cats away from scratching your belongings.

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