Why Do Siamese Cats Bite So Much?

Why Do Siamese Cats Bite?

One issue that a lot of people have with their younger Siamese cats is that they have the tendency to bite more often than some people expect. 

To best understand why Siamese cats, especially kittens, bite as often as they do, you have to understand their general behavior as kittens and how cats react when they are overstimulated.

You will also want to look into common behavioral issues Siamese cats are prone to, as these can also lead to your cat biting you more often. 

The best thing that you can do for your Siamese cat is to simply research what you should expect from your cat’s behavior when you choose to adopt a specific breed of cat. 

How Do Siamese Cats Behave? 

Siamese cats are known for a few personality traits such as highly sociable, intelligent and active as kittens. The latter point here is important to note, as Siamese kittens are notorious for being difficult and hard to manage with their mischievous and seemingly boundless energy. 

Siamese cats are naturally intelligent creatures, and as such, they are more inclined to explore the world around them by interacting with any object they come across. 

Because they are cats, this means that they will often push things off ledges to watch them fall down and will get into places that you try to keep them out of. 

A good way to redirect a Siamese’s curious energy is to focus it toward learning tricks or playing with more mentally stimulating toys. If you do not offer your Siamese cat enough of an outlet for its energy, then there’s a good chance you are going to get bitten by your kitten. 

Common Problematic Siamese Cat Behaviors

As for potential problems with your Siamese cat’s behavior, there are a few problems that you may encounter. 

For one, the seemingly boundless energy of a young Siamese cat can be hard to keep up with, especially if your cat is the type to knock things over. This will either mean that you are going to be spending time and energy keeping the cat from getting up to places where it can knock things down, or you will be spending a fair amount of money on enrichment toys to keep your cat satisfied with its life. 

A good note about this is that most Siamese cats will mellow out after about two years as they transition from being young adult equivalents and into a more mature mindset. 

These cats can have a lot of issues if they don’t have a sufficient outlet for their energy. Pent-up energy can be expressed through aggression, hyperactivity, and similar. 

Are Siamese Cats Aggressive?

Siamese cats have been known to be aggressive at times, especially in their youth. An aggressive cat, as you might imagine, is going to be more prone to biting you, your family, and also chasing after your family pets when they don’t feel like it, causing more problems for everyone in the house. 

The best way to tackle aggression in Siamese cats is to tackle the source of the problem, which can often be that the cat simply has too much energy and no satisfactory outlet for it. 

Hyperactivity presents similarly in cats, with the cat becoming even more focused on causing just as much trouble as they can to get your attention. Again, the best way to fix this common behavioral problem is to try and make sure that your Siamese cats have good outlets for their energy during their young lives. 

How to Make Cats Less Aggressive

These energy outlets can range from toys with treats that the cats have to work for, cat trees and wall mounts the cat can climb on and explore, interactive toys (that you can participate in too), and other “smart” toys for your cats. 

Siamese cats are intelligent and curious animals, so they need to direct their desire to explore and interact with their environment somewhere, and if you want your cat to be happy and not quite as high-strung, providing enrichment toys will greatly help your cat out. 

If you cannot provide sufficient enrichment for your Siamese cat, then there’s a good chance that you will end up with an overstimulated cat, which is one of the most common reasons why Siamese cats (who are normally loving and friendly) will bite their owners. 

When Siamese Cats Start Biting

These cats are well-known for their tendency to bond deeply with their humans and often with a single person in the household they are living in. 

Most modern Siamese cats, once bonded, will cling to their favorite person, demanding attention and meowing at the person all throughout the day as they enjoy spending time with their favorite. 

In fact, while most cats aren’t really protective over their owners, the Siamese cat is considerably protective over the person that they have bonded to and may become jealous if that favorite person spends a lot of time around others. As such, you may need to be mindful of making sure your Siamese cat behaves properly, even around their favorite person. 

Siamese cats tend to bond strongly to their people, so it can be somewhat surprising when they might try to bite the person they love the most. 

Understanding Why Your Siamese Cat Bites You

Understanding why cats bite people will help you get a good sense of why your Siamese cat has suddenly turned its teeth toward you. Most cats have a reason for biting you, as it is one of the clearest and effective methods of communication. 

  1. They want to play

The most common reason why Siamese cats bite their owners is because of overstimulation or overexcitement. 

What this means is that your cat simply got too worked up during playtime or had too much pent-up energy that it needed to get rid of at once. You can usually tell when a cat is overexcited, as the tone of their meows will change and their pupils will dilate. 

You won’t have to worry about these bites meaning anything bad toward you though, as biting is a common form of play for cats although since people don’t have fur, it is unwelcome. It is also an instinctual thing that cats do, and if they are too focused on their playtime, they may dive too deep into the mindset of “hunting” your hand. 

The best way to counteract this is to either cool down the playtime for a bit until you notice your cat’s eyes go back to normal, or make sure that your cat doesn’t have too much unfocused energy by having toys in its room at all times. 

  1. They are annoyed

Siamese cats will also bite your hand as a warning if you are doing something unwelcome. Most people know that you shouldn’t pet a cat’s belly as it is one of the most vulnerable parts of a cat, and if you try to do so, most cats will give you a warning bite to make it clear that they don’t want to be touched. 

Siamese cats are especially prone to being sensitive, bordering on neurotic, meaning that they may have some areas of their bodies that they do not want being touched at all. It may be worth checking to make sure that the cat isn’t injured in these areas, but this is usually just a personal quirk that cats can have. 

Cats, as a whole, will bite people when they want the person to immediately stop what they are doing. 

This is most common in cats that are clearly irritated (a puffed-up, swishing tail, growling, and folded-back ears) and cats that are clearly afraid, as it is a way for your cat to protect itself or to make the problem go away. 

Typically, bites that are done out of irritation or fear are going to be harder than the usual nip from overexcitement or if you try to touch the cat in an area it doesn’t want, as these bites are more out of protection than playfulness. 

  1. They are being neglected

Another reason why Siamese cats might bite you is because they are feeling neglected. Just as a cat will bite you to let you know immediately that you shouldn’t be trying to touch it, cats will also bite you to get your attention, and Siamese cats are no exception to this rule. 

With Siamese cats being as historically clingy as they are, there’s a good chance that if you haven’t pet your Siamese cat in a while and the cat sees your hand, it may try to bite you to get your attention, since there is clearly no reason why you shouldn’t have your hands on the cat at all times. 

These bites tend to be gentle nips so that you notice the cat. Petting your cat more often will often drastically reduce biting out of feeling rejected or ignored. 

How Can You Reduce Biting? 

If you notice that your Siamese cat is biting you far more than you feel comfortable with, there are a few things that you can do to try and minimize this. 

  1. Get them a new toy to play with

Some of the most common reasons a Siamese cat will bite you is because it is either understimulated, lonely, or overstimulated, so most of the ways that you can reduce biting in Siamese cats is to provide enrichment that your cat can use at its leisure. 

Enrichment toys that can help reduce biting in cats include toys your cat has to really work at to get the treats out of to occupy its energy. 

You can also consider scratching posts, as this is an easy way to keep your cat occupied without having to purchase treats regularly. 

With this, your cat will both be able to play with toys in its own time so it doesn’t have as much risk of being overstimulated by its environment and surroundings, and it also has the option to use all its pent-up energy on the toys if it is feeling understimulated. 

This works as a two-fold method to keep your cat happy and a little bit less bite-happy. If your Siamese cat often bites you because it feels lonely or neglected, you will want to make more of an effort to spend personal time with your Siamese cat. 

2. Bring them to the vet

If you really feel that your Siamese cat is biting you too much and other methods aren’t stopping the frequency of the bites, you should consider taking your cat to the vet, especially if it is displaying signs of discomfort or agitation.

 Frequent biting can be a sign of fear and pain in cats, and when it is not attributed to your Siamese cat having endless wells of energy it needs to drain, it may require veterinary investigation. If that ends up finding that your Siamese cat is healthy and just has behavioral problems, you will want to work on teaching and training your Siamese cat

Training your cat not to bite you is similar to teaching a dog not to bite you, relying on making sure that your cat understands that biting is not a welcome way to communicate. 


Siamese cats, like all other cats, will bite you sometimes. If the biting is routine or happens more than it should, you will want to get to the source of your cat’s reasons for biting you. 

From there, you can tackle the problem through providing enrichment, personal time with the cat, and working with the cat’s emotions to create an atmosphere where your cat won’t feel the need to bite you to get your attention.

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