9 Types of Siamese Cats

9 Siamese Cat Types

Siamese cats are a quite popular breed, but many people don’t realize that they come in many shapes, sizes and colors which make them quite distinct from each other. Yet, each type of Siamese cat have distinctive markings and characteristics that make them quintessentially S-I-A-M-E-S-E!

History of the Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat was a cat that was owned by royalty in Siam, a region in Thailand. It was first seen in the 14th century, and it was an exotic cat with remarkable features. Most remarkable is the bright blue eyes. 

The eyes are almond-shaped and can range from pale blue to deep ocean blue. They generally have a triangular shaped head, and they are usually thinner than other cats with long legs. 

They are vocal and friendly, and they are a popular breed of cat. Their fur usually has points at the extremities, so they are a lighter color on their bodies. There are nine types of Siamese cats. Keep reading to take a look at what is unique about each one. 

1. Applehead Siamese

Applehead Siamese Cats
Photo by Patrícia Hellinger on Unsplash

The Applehead Siamese is the original breed of Siamese cat that was the first one to be imported from Siam, which is Thailand today. They are a larger cat, weighing as much as 18 pounds. They have round, muscular bodies, and they have an apple-shaped head. This is where they derive their name. Their eyes are bright blue, but they are rounder. 

The Applehead Siamese has ears that are similar to a normal domestic cat. They have long legs, and their tails are long for a Siamese cat but shorter than other types of cats. They usually have short silky hair, and they are not quite as vocal as other more modern types of Siamese cats. 

The Applehead Siamese was the official cat of the royal family in Siam. They date back to at least 1350 AD. They are called the Applehead Siamese cat because they have a head that is shaped similarly to an apple. These cats were treated with great respect, and they were considered to be very wise. They are friendly, and they make wonderful pets.

The Applehead Siamese cat is a healthy breed of cat, and it has been known to live up to 25 years. They are energetic and need exercise and stimulation, and they are beautiful and intelligent. They are loving and kind companions.

2. Old Style Siamese

Old Style Siamese
Photo by Carol Petri on Unsplash

An Old Style Siamese cat is a purebred cat that has an Asian look to it, and it will have a legitimate pedigree. They look similar to the Siamese cats shown in old photographs, and they mostly refer to the Siamese cats that were most common in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. When you register these cats, they are simply Siamese, even though they are a specific type of Siamese cat. 

The Old Style Siamese cat is not as round and heavy as the Applehead. These cats are more angular through their head and bodies. The head is shaped similar to a wedge, and they have ears that follow the angle of their jaws. The ears are also more upright, and they are triangular. 

They are not as small as the Modern Siamese cat, and they have a balanced look that makes them beautiful cats. They have the blue eyes, the fur with points, and other physical features that all Siamese cats share, but they have a more distinct angular look. These cats are wonderful pets, and they are harder to find today.

3. Classic Siamese

Classic Siamese Cat
Photo by Carlos Luis Pinto on Unsplash

The Classic Siamese cat is an average sized cat. It has a lighter build, and it has a longer body and a longer tail. They also have large ears, and they have a distinct look that makes them undeniably a Siamese cat. This version is the most athletic type of Siamese cat, and it is the tallest as well. They have long, sleek bodies, and they have long tails. 

This type of Siamese cat has big ears, and they are triangular shaped. The face is pointed and has an upturned nose. They are affectionate, vocal, and can be pushy. They love to rest on the couch next to you, and they love to have you pet them and play with them. 

Classic Siamese cats are generally healthy cats, but they are prone to ear infections and overly zealous cleaning. They have more energy than other Siamese cats, so you need to find time to pay attention and play with this type of Siamese cat. 

4. Modern Wedge Siamese

Modern Wedge Siamese Cat
Photo by Lisa Algra on Unsplash

The Modern Wedge Siamese cat became popular in the 1980s. They are called this because they have a head shaped like a wedge, and they have large pointed ears. Their ears are set lower on the sides of their heads, and they have long, lean bodies. Their eyes are more slanted, and they have wide noses that are known to point straight out. 

The Modern Wedge Siamese cat is affectionate and loves people. There are many different Siamese cats that will fall into this category, and it is the most common today. They weigh between five and fifteen pounds, and their bodies are usually whiter than the other types. 

The lighter color combined with the bright blue eyes are distinct to this cat, and they are known to be the loudest of all of the Siamese cats. This type of cat is more inbred than other types, and they have a higher probability of suffering from kidney disease and heart failure. However, they live long, happy lives. 

5. Seal Point Siamese

Seal Point Siamese Cat
Photo by Parviz Isaev on Unsplash

The Seal Point Siamese cat has the same blue eyes as all Siamese cats. They have fur that ranges from pale fawn to cream on their bodies, and their points are a rich seal-brown color. These points are found on the head, the feet, and the tail, and it is a dark brown color. Their paw pads and their nose is dark brown. 

Seal Point Siamese cats are born white, and they darken as their coats grow in. Their full coloring won’t be apparent until they are at least a year old. The seal color can range from a rich brown color to such a dark brown that looks almost black. The seal points are darker and richer than other Siamese variations. 

In general, the Seal Point Siamese cat will have Siamese characteristics no matter what color it is. This type of cat will be curious, friendly, and affectionate, and it will get along well with people and other pets. It will be vocal, and it will be beautiful to look at. The primary distinguishing feature is its coloring because it is cream with a rich brown seal color at its points. 

6. Chocolate Point Siamese

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat
Photo by Daniel Jericó on Unsplash

The Chocolate Point Siamese looks very similar to the Seal Point. The primary difference is that the Seal Point is darker and richer than the Chocolate Point. The Chocolate Point Siamese cat is a lighter brown color, and it is a very rare color. 

This type of cat is very popular because it is unique and beautiful. This is considered to be the oldest color of Siamese cat. At one time it was considered to be an unacceptable variant of the Seal Point coloring, but in the 1950s, it became an official color for this breed again.

Although they are similar to the Seal Point, they have an ivory colored body with little shading. They have chocolate points that are a warm color, and they can be patchy in their variations. The coloring is similar enough that you can’t tell the difference between Seal Point and Chocolate Point Siamese kittens. 

The eyes are still a very vivid blue color, and their eyes are striking against the rich color of their fur. They do remain pale for a longer time when they are kittens, but their coats get darker with age. Another difference is that they have pink skin in places, whereas the Seal Point will have black skin and pads on their paws.   

7. Blue Point Siamese

Blue Point Siamese Cat
Photo by chanroro on Unsplash

The Blue Point Siamese cat is one of the more interesting color types. It has a creamy body, and the points are a bluish gray color. They tend to be docile and gentle pets, and they love to curl up in a warm spot and sleep throughout the day. They also love to play, and they will demand a lot of your time. 

The points are a light gray color, which is called blue. This allows the blue eyes to stand out. The color is softer and cooler than the warm brown of Seal Points and Chocolate Points. This color was officially recognized in 1934, so it has been around for a long time. 

In the past, Blue Point Siamese were considered inferior in the world of showing cats, but they have gained acceptance. The points are a silvery blue, and they have a softer look. They have the same body and shape as any other color of Siamese cat, and they still have the longer legs and body with large ears and a shorter tail. 

8. Lilac Point Siamese

Photo by Yijun on Unsplash

The Lilac Point Siamese is one of the most famous colors. It was first recognized in the 1960s, and they are made as a result of the dilution of the blue gene to chocolate. For this reason, they are diluted chocolate points and blue points in reality. 

When you see a Lilac Point Siamese, it appears to be a pale Blue Point, and they have the same electric blue eyes that really stand out against this coloring. They have skin that is pale pink, and you can see it in the pads of the feet and the nose. 

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the Blue Point and the Lilac Point, with the difference being subtle. Kittens won’t show their true coloring until they are around a year old. They have a similar personality to the Blue Point Siamese, and they are affectionate and playful. They get along well with people and other pets, and they are vocal. 

They can also be very dramatic and demanding if you don’t pay enough attention to them. They aren’t shy about letting you know when they need something, and they are very clean. They are intelligent cats, and their striking beauty makes them a very popular pet, although they are rare. 

They are healthy cats, and they are medium in size, weighing between eight and twelve pounds. They have short hair that is sleek and shiny. They are wonderful pets, and they are very exotic.

9. Red Point Siamese

Flame Point Siamese

The final color of Siamese cats is the Red or Flame Point Siamese. This cat has a cream colored body and reddish-gold points. They have pink skin underneath, and this is the rarest color. Their eyes are an electric blue color, and they can range from a pale blue to a bright blue. 

It is believed that the Seal Point Siamese was bred with a red Tabby to get this coloring back in the 1930s in the UK. You may notice striping on their faces and on the other points of their bodies, which comes from this breeding. The flame colored points show up more as the cat ages. It can take up to two years for a Siamese cat’s full coloring to come in. You may not realize that you have a Flame Point Siamese until it is five or six months old. 

Red Point Siamese cats have short hair and similar bodies to other Siamese cats. The primary difference is the color of their points and the fact that they have pink skin. They have similar personalities as well, and they are great pets. The coloring is one of the more rare colors, so they are more difficult to find. 

Final Words

Siamese cats make wonderful companions. They have a number of variations, but they are similar in their personalities and certain aspects of their physical characteristics. They always have striking blue eyes, and they have fur that is a lighter color with darker points. 

The shape of their heads can vary, and they can be triangular or more rounded. They are all friendly and energetic, and they can be very vocal pets. They are social by nature and will get along well with people and pets. They love to play and follow you through the house. Although they come in different variations, the nature of the breed remains the same throughout.

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