How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost?

Siamese Cat Breed Cost

The Siamese is a popular cat breed both for its personality and appearance. While some people adopt this cat for its personality and for the ability to say that they own a Siamese cat, other people adopt these cats for show business, which is where the circumstances of price can become complicated. 

The Price of a Siamese Cat

As a whole, the Siamese cat price can vary a fair bit depending on its age, appearance, and history. The standard range for a pedigree Siamese kitten will be anywhere between $400 to $1,000 USD

Younger, “perfect” cats will be on the higher end of that scale, sometimes even breaching the thousand-dollar barrier. 

Older, “imperfect” cats will be less expensive, sometimes falling below the half-thousand mark depending on the cat’s circumstances. 

With a range like this, you may be wondering what all goes into the price of a cat. Much of the price is reflected in the cat’s pedigree and history. 

A breeder who has spent countless days trying to breed the perfect show cat is going to charge considerably more than someone whose Siamese cat just happened to have a litter of kittens. For cats that are common show cats, such as the Siamese, the appearance of the cat holds a major sway over how much it will cost. 

In show business, there are strict standards as to what constitutes the perfect appearance. These standards are so strict that it comes down to the posture of the cat, the size and location of its markings (down to the fraction of an inch), and other qualities like this. Naturally, this means that it takes a lot of effort to produce a cat that can meet these strict standards. 

As with business in general, when a product takes a lot of time and effort to produce, it is going to be far more expensive. This applies heavily to Siamese cats. 

Another aspect that goes into this is going to be the cat’s history. When breeding show cats, the ancestral history plays a fair role in it. Breeders and buyers are going to want to have the best candidates for the cat’s parents, so it must be documented heavily throughout the cat’s life. 

More reliable and honest breeders will also include information about the cat’s genetic health and its risk for hereditary disorders, which is another thing you will need to factor in when considering the total price of a cat. 

Finally, there is the age of the Siamese cat. When it comes to show business, buyers are always going to want to adopt cats as young as they can safely be adopted out. 

This is because it is far easier to train young kittens who have not yet learned the “rights” and “wrongs,” for being a show cat. Trying to train an older cat who has already learned its behaviors and what is considered acceptable is more difficult. 

Additionally, when adopting a younger kitten, owners can alter the diet so that the cat’s appearance meets show-quality standards. With older cats who have already had their nutrients while growing up, their appearance cannot be adjusted as much. All of this culminates into the fact that younger Siamese cats are going to be more expensive than their adult counterparts. 

The younger a cat is, with a richer history, and a stronger genetic background, the more in-demand it will be and the higher its price will be. The older and more stubborn a cat is, with an unknown history, and a weaker genetic background is going to be far, far less expensive for you to adopt if you simply want the personality and general appearance of a Siamese cat in your house. 

These are most of the aspects that you will need to pay attention to when you are considering what your budget is for adopting a Siamese cat specifically. 

If you are not looking for a show-quality cat, you can often get away with a cat who is only a few hundred dollars, and you can go even less expensive if you are okay with a partially mixed breed or a cat with a bad temperament. 

Price of a Purebreed vs Mixed Breed

If you find yourself wanting to adopt a particular breed of cat, there are going to be many aspects that you have to consider and plan for. For one, purebred cats come with their own caveats with their appearance and personality. These can include hereditary problems, shortened lifespans, and a drastically increased price. 

Despite these problems, many people all around the world want to adopt purebred cats. There are plenty of reasons for this. Some people may want to put their cat into a show business, where they can show off the perfect appearance of the cat. Other people may simply want the personality that comes with a particular cat breed. Think of the ragdoll cat and the way it enjoys being carried. Some people adopt specific breeds for that reason. 

Similarly, people will search for purebred hypoallergenic cats for the sake of getting around allergies to have a feline companion. These are just a few of the plethora of reasons why people may want to adopt a certain breed of cat. 

When you are searching for a specific cat breed, there are some other things that you will need to think about. 

One of the biggest hurdles to cross is always going to be the price of a purebred cat. Due to the nature of breeding cats, their pedigrees, and the rigorous attempts to reach the “perfect” cat, a purebred cat breed is going to be multitudes more expensive than a cat that you can adopt at a shelter. 

For example, mixed-breed shelter cats can range anywhere from $20 to $200 USD, depending on where you adopt the cat, its health, and its circumstances. On the other hand, purebred cats can easily cross the threshold into thousands of dollars for a single cat. 

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