Review: America Phoenix Cat Condo

America Phoenix Cat Condo Review

The America Phoenix Cat Condo is the perfect cat tree that offers an outlet for your cat’s feline behavior. The exquisite design makes it a great unit that will keep your pet happy and comfortable. It comes in two versions which are the 30 inches and the 51-inch variant. Both have the same features and are very sturdy.

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America Phoenix Multi Color Newest Cat Tree Condo Furniture
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Easy Assembly

The America Phoenix Cat Condo is easy to assemble. Included in the assembly kit is an instructional manual with the assembly instructions. It does not take much time to assemble as bolts and Allen keys needed for the assembly process are included.

Multi-Level Design

The multi-level design of the America Phoenix Cat Condo makes it a unique and comfortable castle for your cat. It has different amenities like condos, ramps, perches and play areas with great stability.

High-Quality Materials

It is made of E1 grade particle board which is carefully selected. The boards are made with high quality compressed wood and covered in soft faux fur.

Sturdy and Stable

The cat condo is very sturdy and stable and can support multiple cats at the same time. The furniture is well designed to be able to withstand rigorous movement by your cat. It is made of high-grade particleboard that has a strong bearing capacity and high stability.

Benefits of the America Phoenix Cat Condo

Reduces Boredom

The America Phoenix Cat Condo increases activity by promoting exercise for your cat. By scratching, jumping and climbing in addition to relaxation, your cat will never be bored. It is great for cats of all ages and sizes.

Looks Great

The exquisite design and finishing on the America Phoenix Cat Condo makes it look sleek and attractive. The multi-level design makes it compact and the soft faux fur covering makes it elegant.

A Mini Gym for your cat

The cat condo can serve as a mini gym for your cat as it will help him exercise a lot from jumping and scratching. Looking fit is an added bonus from using the cat tree.

Safe to use

The safety of your pet is given the utmost consideration during the design process of this cat condo. The materials used are environmental-friendly which is safe for you and your pet.

Your Furniture Will Be Safe

The cat condo comes with multiple scratch posts which are wrapped in a sisal rope that cats love. The sisal rope is meant to prevent the shaking of the cat condo but can also be used as a scratching post. This will keep your cat occupied as he will not scratch your furniture.

Very Affordable

The America Phoenix Cat Condo is highly affordable compared to competitors. With the quality of comfort the condo provides, the price is definitely worth it.

Made in the USA

The product is made in the USA. All standards are adhered to during the manufacturing process to guarantee a quality product.


There are very few cons to this product. Some customers complained about the string attached to the product as a choking hazard. It is advised to shorten it or remove it entirely.

Other Cons

  • It has a small play area.
  • It is also on house level.


The America Phoenix Cat Condo is a perfect as a starter condo for your cat. The fabric is comfortable and spacious for your cat. The condo is meant for entertaining your cat and keeping him fit. The construction is sturdy and the sisal rope covering the cat post gives your cat the scratching he needs.

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