Review: Pet Feedster USA PF-10 Cat

Pet Feedster Review

Pet Feedster is an automatic pet feeder that uses innovative technology to help your cat maintain a healthy diet through regular and controlled feedings which are helpful for pet parents on the go.

This pet feeder runs on batteries (6-D) or on AC power. When powered alone with battery, it can last between 4 to 5 months. Without the batteries, when the power goes out you will lose the programming. So make sure to keep the feeder powered up to avoid this nuisance.

Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder For Cats Check Price
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Features of Pet Feedster

  • It comes with a special chute that prevents your cat from stealing extra food.
  • It is made up of processed flex feeder that is suitable for feeding cats.
  • It has the capacity to dispense a complete collection of different sizes and shapes of kibbles.
  • It can dispense any number of meals a day starting from one to five meal times.
  • It can comfortably accommodate a collection of meal sizes ranging from 1 teaspoon up to 6.
  • It includes portion size control which prevents pets overfeeding.
  • It has a digital timer which provides accurate meal times.
  • It doesn’t jam.
  • It comes with power back up a system which you can run on both alternating current or direct current adapter together with which ensures that you machine functions perfectly even without the power source for about 6 months.
  • It comes with removal bowl which makes it possible for you to alternate with a stainless steel bowl if you have a pet that is allergic to plastic.


  • The food bowl is dishwasher safe.
  • The LCD screen has a very bright backlight when the button is pressed.
  • The feeder helps you to feed your pet on time even when you are not around the house.
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • It is a very stable, large unit that cannot be easily tipped over.
  • The hopper is opaque preventing cats from seeing the food inside.
  • It can easily feed two cats concurrently.
  • Very good customer support.
  • It makes less noise during operation compared to other automatic feeders.


  • The feeding bowl is plastic which could be a problem for some pets. It would be nice if a stainless steel replacement were included as one of the features of this feeder.
  • Although the sticker on the feeder says that when the power goes off the programming would be retained for a short interval of time, it doesn’t always work that way.
  • The programming and button structure is not very user-friendly.
  • The button labels are small and difficult to read. The programming, however, is not that hard if you follow the instructions provided.
  • The programming is a bit complicated.
  • The lid is not airtight as a result of the structural design.
  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The instruction manual did not provide a very clear instruction on proper installation of this pet automatic feeder.


The pet feeder USA PF is a very reliable automatic feeder. It gives you peace of mind when you are not around. It can dispense 1 teaspoon of food to 6 spoons of food at any giving instance giving instance depending on the kibble sizes.

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