Everything You Need to Know About Nebelung Cats

What is a Nebelung

What is a Nebelung Cat?

If you’ve never heard of a Nebelung cat before, don’t worry! While a Nebelung cat is a breed of housecat, they are fairly uncommon.

Nebelung cats are most often adopted from a breeder, rather than from a shelter. This is because of the rarity of this breed. Since they are uncommon, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find a pure breed Nebelung cat anywhere but from a Nebelung cat breeder.

The Origin of Nebelung Cats

Nebelung cats are a relatively new breed of domestic cat. They were first bred in the 1980s, and were actually bred by accident, and not by a cat breeder.

These cats are a cross between domestic shorthair cats and Russian blue cats. When a household adopted both of these cats, the cats mated and the resulting litter was of Nebelung kittens.

In 1987, Nebelung cats were officially named as their own breed by the International Cat Association. Since then, Nebelung cats have been bred on purpose by breeders. It is not a breed that is recognized by every group that assesses breeds of cat, but it is recognized enough that it is its own official breed.

Even though Nebelung cats were originally bred accidentally, they’ve become a very popular rare cat breed.

How Rare Are Nebelung Cats?

Part of the rarity of Nebelung cats is due to how new that breed is. However, if you are looking for a Nebelung cat to adopt, you shouldn’t have too much trouble as long as you go through a breeder.

See how much Nebelungs cost

If you are looking for a pure Nebelung cat, you’re going to have to look a little harder to find a breeder, and they might be more expensive. Getting a cat that is similar in looks and personality to a Nebelung cat might be easier, but they will not be the standard mix of a domestic shorthair and a Russian blue.

What Do Nebelung Cats Look Like?

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Nebelung cats are a medium-sized breed, with their average weight being between about 7 and 15 pounds, depending on the gender of the cat. They also have medium to long length blue-grey hair. Typically, Nebelung cats have green eyes, although not all of them do.

The breed standard is their thick grey-blue coat, green or yellow-green eyes, and that they have a long body and tail. Their ears are large compared to the size of their head, and their legs are long. The appearance of Nebelung cats is very graceful and elegant.

Their hair is longest on their tails, and they have extra tufts of hair around their necks and back legs. Male Nebelung cats tend to be bigger and have longer hair than the females.

Common Health Problems in Nebelung Cats

Compared to other cat breeds, Nebelung cats have few common health problems associated with their breed. This could be partially due to how new the cat breed is, having only been around for a little under 40 years. There have been very few generations of this cat from which to draw conclusions about common health problems, unlike other breeds of cat that have been around for much longer, and generalizations about the breed can be made with accuracy.

There are a few general things that you should look out for when you have a Nebelung cat. Make sure that you pay attention to their health and activity levels. If you see them acting strangely, there could be something wrong and you should contact their vet.

Also, make sure that you are feeding and taking care of them properly. You should brush their teeth (if they let you), and make sure that you aren’t overfeeding them. These are just some general tips about taking care of cats, and Nebelung cats aren’t necessarily prone to tooth problems or obesity.

In general, you should also make sure that you take your cat to see the vet for regular checkups. Keep them up to date with any vaccinations they might need. If you do all of these things, you’re likely to have a cat that is healthy for a very long time.

How Long Do Nebelungs Live?

Nebelung cats can live for a long time. In good health, the life expectancy for a Nebelung cat is about 15 to 18 years, and they can live even longer than that.

They are great cats to add to your family if you are looking for a companion for many years to come. They will provide great company, and are typically very healthy.

The chances that your Nebelung cat will live to be 18 years old is very high, and there is also a good chance that they could live even longer.

You should not adopt a Nebelung cat if you are not looking to keep a pet in your life for that long, or if you are uncertain that you will be able to take good care of the cat for at least a decade.

How Intelligent Are They?

Nebelung cats are known for their intelligence. While cats in general are intelligent animals, Nebelungs stand out among other cat breeds.

While these cats are generally calm and pleasant, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough activities around your home to engage them with. Get a lot of different toys, so they always have a new form of enrichment.

Intelligent cats can get bored easily, so make sure that you get some toys that are more interactive than others. If your cat gets too bored, it might start causing trouble around the house, like getting into something that it knows it shouldn’t, or breaking items.

Make sure that you set aside time in your day to play with your cat. As long as you give this intelligent breed of cat enough enrichment and activity, it should be happy and content.

Nebelung Cat Personality

While the intelligence of Nebelung cats is outstanding, they also have other great features of their personality and their disposition.

Most Nebelung cats are very high energy and playful. This, combined with their high intelligence, will mean that they need a lot of enrichment and toys that they can play with throughout the day. Make sure that you have plenty of things laying around your house that they can access at all times.

Nebelung cats are very affectionate, but they also tend to be somewhat aloof. They might not like to spend a lot of time around other people, but will want plenty of affection from those who they are close with. They love to cuddle and be petted, but are okay to be left alone for long periods of time and will likely not get anxious or upset.

These cats tend to be more comfortable when there is an established routine. If there are many changes in their environment, they could get stressed. Make sure that you have a fairly regular daily routine, and you shouldn’t have a problem with your cat getting upset.

Great Toys for Nebelung Cats

Nebelung cats aren’t particularly picky about which kinds of toys that they like to play with. The most important thing is that you get them a variety of toys, so that they have plenty of different things to keep them engaged.

If you do not always have a lot of free time to play with your cat when they have energy, it’s a great idea to buy a toy that will move on its own. There are plenty of different toys that will move, such as mechanical mouse toys, flopping fish toys, or spinning wand toys. When you get your cat something like this, it will be able to interact with the toy, providing both enrichment and exercise.

You should also have a non-mechanical wand toy, so that when you have the time you can play with your cat. Getting a laser pointer is also a great way to play with your cat. Laser pointers are especially good for people who have limited mobility, since you don’t need to get up and move around, and only need to point the light around the cat.

Other toys that are great are ones that they can throw around themselves, such as crinkle balls or small toy mice with catnip. It’s also a great idea to have a scratching post or a cat tree.

Nebelung Cat’s Sociability

Nebelung cats tend to be calm but aloof. They would prefer a home without much noise and commotion. It would be best if they lived in a home without small children, and that is generally calm and quiet, with a regular routine.

They will get along well enough with other pets and family members, but Nebelung cats tend to be loners. They will likely not want to become close friends with the other pets in a household, and would prefer to live with other pets that are quiet and will leave the Nebelung cat alone most of the time.

Nebelung cats also might run and hide when people that they do not know come to their home. If you have a Nebelung cat, you shouldn’t be too worried about bringing people over. Your cat will be fine when you have company, but will probably not want to engage with them, and will come back out of hiding when the unfamiliar people have left.

Nebelung Cat Care Tips

To make sure that you are taking great care of a Nebelung cat, you should make sure that you are paying special attention to the cat’s health and diet. If you feed your cat a good diet, it will likely make your cat healthier, and in turn could lead to your cat living a longer life.

It’s best to give your cat a varied diet of high-quality dry and wet food. If you are adopting a Nebelung cat, make sure that you don’t buy the food in bulk the first time around. Take some time to figure out what kinds of food your cat likes before you buy food in large amounts. Nebelung cats tend to be a little bit pickier than most other breeds of cat, so make sure that you are not investing in something that your cat won’t want to eat.

It’s also a good idea to have a hair brush. If you brush your cat regularly, you’re helping to keep its coat healthy and shiny. Nebelung cats have long, thick hair, so it’s important to brush it. When you brush its hair, your cat will look cleaner and healthier, and will likely have less hairballs from grooming itself.

Essential Supplies for Nebelung Cats

If you are thinking about adopting a Nebelung cat, there are a few things that you should make sure that you get before bringing your new cat home. The most important things to make sure you already have are food, food and water dishes, a hairbrush, and a bed. These are basic essentials that your cat will need. It’s smart to get a few different kinds of food, such as a mix of wet food and dry food.

As for a bed, it’s a good idea to get something that your cat is able to hide in. Most cats like enclosed spaces because it makes them feel safe. Nebelung cats especially like to hide, as they do not like to be very social, especially when someone unfamiliar is in the house.

Getting a bed that has a top is a great idea for a Nebelung cat. There are plenty of options in pet stores and online, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that would be great for your new pet.

When you are looking for food and water dishes, make sure that you get something that a cat will want to eat out of. You don’t need to buy specific cat food and water dishes, although those should work great. You could also just use regular bowls and dishes that you can find in any store that sells kitchen items. Cats like to eat out of wide or more flat surfaces, so try to get a large and shallow bowl.

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