How Much Does a Nebelung Cat Cost?

Nebelung Cat Breed Cost

One of the aspects that plays the biggest role in determining whether or not you may want to adopt a particular breed of cat will be the price. No matter how much you may like a breed of cat, if you cannot afford it, then it will be completely out of the question. 

The price of a breed can fluctuate a lot based on demand, difficulty to breed, and how specialized the breed of cat is.

 The Nebelung is not a particularly popular or well-known breed, such as Persians, Maine Coons, and Russian Blues. This means that it is likely not going to be readily available by breeders. 

At the same time, the restrictions for what qualifies as a Nebelung (by show and pedigree standards) are strict enough that breeders have to put a lot of consideration into their cats. This will translate into the price heavily. 

On top of all of this, the Nebelung is a gorgeous cat, and cats that are beautiful to look at are always going to be more expensive. 

With this in mind, you may begin to wonder what exactly the Nebelung cat price is going to be by the time you begin planning an adoption. 

Understanding the Price Range of a Nebelung

For better or for worse, the range of what these cats can cost is quite a large range, and it can be difficult to try and determine what will create a cat on the less expensive end of the spectrum.

 As a whole, the price range for purchasing kittens will be anywhere from $600 USD to $1,200 USD

As mentioned above, the price will fluctuate on a lot of things. The price will also reflect the age of the cat, as kittens are much more expensive than adults that have run their time as show cats and simply need a new home. 

So what goes into determining the price of the cat? 

For one, a major factor will be how well the cat could perform as a show cat. 

There are strict standards for what kind of cats can get into a show for their breed, and if a cat meets all of those standards with flying colors, then it is going to be far more expensive than a cat who does not meet those standards. 

Unless you are planning to show your Nebelung cat off at the local cat show, you can often save several hundred dollars by adopting an “imperfect” cat. 

Other factors of what determines where a cat falls in the range of prices include the pedigree history and how lengthy that is, the genetic health of the cat and its predecessors, as well as the temperament of the particular cat. 

Nebelungs Are a Rare Breed

These cats are also considered rare cats. They are a relatively modern breed (in terms of cat breed history), only coming to light during the 1980s. This means that there aren’t many dedicated breeders who focus on this cat, or even know of this breed’s existence. 

What this means for the breeders who do focus on this cat is that there is little competition to dissuade them from increasing the price to exorbitant amounts. There aren’t really many ways around this price increase than to simply shop smart so that you can purchase your new kitten for the best price around. 

As mentioned earlier, price can also play a massive role into where a cat will fall in the price range of Nebelung cats. 

Kittens are always going to be a higher price than adults, as they are easier to rehome, easier to transport, and easier to train if you want to try and get it adapted to its new environment. It is significantly harder to try and get an older cat to adapt to a new life and you are often better off adapting to the cat’s preferences instead. 

Additionally, back to the idea of using cats for a show, a cat who is older is not going to be able to be trained to be a show cat, decreasing the number of people who may be interested in adopting that cat. 

When less people are interested in adopting a cat, the price of it goes down. This means that mature cats as well as retired show cats are going to be notably less expensive than kittens and young “teen” cats. 

Do keep in mind that it may be tough to adjust to the ways and the temper of older cats, and if you are looking to adopt an older cat, you may have to make some changes to your life as it is.

Lara Kitt

When we aren't scooping up droppings to ensure a luxurious litter box experience for our fur babies, we are writing all sorts of stuff about cats for your enjoyment and knowledge.

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