Review: Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

Lusmo Pet Feeder Review

The Lusmo automatic pet feeder features an On-Off power switch for controlling it and preventing it from over-operating. This feeder is made in Japan but is currently available for the US market. This is a well-designed feeder that allows you to program your pet’s meal for a day. It only allows you to schedule 3 meal times daily.

It has a protective mechanism that prevents mischievous cats from vying for more food portions. The automatic feeder only functions on alkaline battery and doesn’t function with rechargeable batteries. The LCD displays a low battery indication when the battery life is about to go and needs replacements.

LUSMO Pet Food Auto Feeder
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Features of Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It comes in a very attractive and colorful design that suits any modern home
  • The portioning sizes range from 0.5 oz to 240 ccs and allow you the chance to make 1/16 increase in cup size
  • It can be programmed to dispense 3 square meals or less a day
  • The capacity of the hopper is approximately 2.2 lbs
  • It has an LCD screen that lasts for a 24 hour time period
  • All interior parts can be taken out and hand-washed
  • It dispenses food regularly and with a deviation standard of 1.65 g
  • It features a protective guard accessory that protects your pet from stealing extra food from the feeder
  • The charming ear-shaped grip helps to easily carry the feeder when it is pushed back
  • The automatic feeder weighs 3.3 lbs
  • It is made from ABS resin material
  • It features a 4 D sized alkaline batteries and comes with 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Mode of operation

The dispensing system of the Lusmo automatic pet feeder is made up of a rotating hard piece of plastic on the base of the hopper which helps to dispense the food from the feed container into the feed tray. The hopper and the bowl can be detached. The hopper detachability is similar to that of a cassette.

The automatic pet feeder unit is made to schedule three meals a day and cannot do more than that. However, you can program the meal times differently according to the needs of your pet. You can also make use of the preset option if you like.

You can also make use of a manual feeding mode if you prefer. The feeder is great for feeding small to medium-sized cats. It is meant only for dry foods and you must not use canned foods, liquid or semi-liquid food and treats.

This is must not be used in a moist environment and only tolerates food that is below 0.6 inches in size.


  • It has a large LCD panel placed above the feeder to make easy to see
  • The feeder allows you to plan the size of the meal according to your pets needs
  • It is well-made and has a colorful design
  • It allows you to customize the meal portions individually. You can use it to customize both large and small portion sizes
  • The lid has an easy to lock system that ensures the feeders are locked in properly
  • It has a large hopper capacity that stores enough dry food to last 10 days
  • It contains a shielding on the chute that stops your cat from stealing excess food


  • It can only be programmed to dispense 3 meals a day
  • You need to do some bending to the battery prong for it to function effectively
  • The battery life only lasts around 6 months
  • It sometimes makes noise if your pet tries to steal food by thrusting on the shielding guard on the chute
  • It doesn’t utilize any backup power system besides the battery

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