Review: Koodella Dog Nail Clippers

Koodella Cat Clippers

We do not often get to see dog nail clippers with a quick guard that prevents over cutting, safe & easy to use, super affordable and comes with a no-risk money back guarantee. The Koodella dog nail clippers offer you these and more.

If your pet’s paws make sounds when trotting along the sidewalk or hallway, or if their claws can reach the ground while standing, then it is time to clip them. Regular clipping of dog’s nails is a practice many dog owners become complacent of. Many shy away from this because of the fear of hurting their dog during the nail cutting process. Alleviate your fears with the use of the Koodelladog nail clippers.

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  • The Koodella dog nail clippers are equipped with a quick sensor that has a unique safety stop that prevents overcutting. You will never need to worry about overcutting your dog’s nails anymore.
  • This 3.5mm stainless steel dog nail clipper makes it easy to cut your dog’s nails smoothly and cleanly.
  • A safety lock installed for added protection for safe storage as well as to prevent children from using it. This prevents them from sustaining injuries and make the clipper last longer.
  • This dog nail clipper attaches to a comfortable and ergonomic handle that is sturdy and made to last a long time so that you are convenient while clipping your dog’s nails.
  • The Koodella dog nail clipper has a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with its quality and performance. A 100% refund or replacement if the product falls short of your expectations.

Benefits of the Koodella Dog Nail Clippers

Prevents Over-Cutting

The quick guard feature of the koodella dog nail clipper is designed to prevent you from overcutting your pet’s nails. This feature separates it from other traditional cat nail clippers. Therefore, the fear of hurting your pooch by overcutting his nails is outdated. All kinds of overgrown nails can be trimmed with this device, including ingrown nails and long curved ones that dig into your dog’s sensitive pads resulting in discomfort.


Hiring a professional groomer to clip your dog nails can be expensive. The grooming fees can accumulate up to thousands over a year. Nevertheless, with the koodella dog nail clipper, you can groom your dog at home and save big time. The dog nail clippers are built to last and will save you money in the end.

Safety Lock Technique

As an extra precaution, this device has an added safety lock, which is located on the handle. Just slide up the lock button and the Clippers will be locked in place. This renders it unusable for children and keeps them from harming themselves.

Durable and Comfortable Handle

The koodella dog nail clipper has a strong ergonomic handle, which makes cutting very easy and stresses free. The handles are designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip while you go about the business of cutting your pet nails.

No Dog Size Limitation

This dog nail clipper is suitable for a dog of all sizes. From the smallest chihuahuas to the giant breeds of German shepherds. You never have to worry about buying another size if your household companion increase by an extra pooch.

100% Refund and Warranty

The customer service of this dog nail clipper is impeccable. They will give you your money back within 60 days if you are not satisfied with it. They are very confident in the quality of their pet nail trimmer that they will refund or replace it for any reason. Replacement of any broken Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor within one year of purchase is also offered.

Drawbacks of the Koodella Dog Nail Clippers

A Bit Expensive

Now, you are going to be paying nearly two times as much as you would pay for a traditional dog nail clipper that’s made of metal if you decide to go with the koodella dog nail clipper. Nevertheless, it is more than worth each extra penny you pay for it.

Requires Strength

The koodella dog nail clipper requires a certain amount of hand and wrist strength to quickly and accurately trim your dog’s nails. If you have any medical condition, which affects the strength of your hands and wrists, a nail grinder may be a better option for you and your pooch.


This product has more benefits than drawbacks. Its expensive nature is because of its excellent quality and features while its energy requirement for use is just as natural for every dog-clipping tool around asides from nail grinders. It has good online reviews and many dog owners have raved about and recommended it.

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