How to Tell if Your Cat is Part SIamese

How to Tell if your Cat is Part Siamese

Siamese cats have a striking appearance. They are an exotic breed of cat that comes from the Siam region of Thailand. They are known for their striking blue eyes, the pointed shape of their heads, and their coat with color points. They have large ears that are shaped like a triangle. 

If you want to know if your cat is part Siamese, there are a number of ways you can tell. You need to look at your cat’s physical characteristics, its behavior, its habits, and more. 

Is Your Cat Part Siamese?

One way that you can tell if your cat is part Siamese is by having a DNA test done. They will be able to tell you the breeding when you do this. However, there are other ways that you can tell. You can examine your cat, observe how it behaves, and watch its habits. 

Start by looking it over. The eyes are a dead giveaway, especially if they are accompanied by an angular head. A Siamese cat has a head that is triangular, and it has larger triangle-shaped ears. Look for the eyes to be shaped similar to an almond. Often a cat that is part Siamese will have these features present.

Next, take a look at your cat’s fur. Your cat may not have the exact coloring of a Siamese cat, but it will likely have fur that is lighter across its body and shaded darker at the legs, head, and tail. The points in Siamese fur is a striking characteristic, and it may show up. The body might be cream colored, tan, or gray, and you will see darker fur along the legs, tail, and head. 

Finally, watch how your cat behaves. It might be extra vocal, or it might be very social and playful. These signs could further show that your cat is part Siamese. The key is in the eyes; most cats that are part Siamese will have eyes that are some shade of blue. The Siamese cat has such distinct characteristics that you will likely know if it is part Siamese. 

The Physical Characteristics of a Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat Physical Traits
Photo by Parviz Isaev on Unsplash

The first physical characteristic that you will look for in your cat is bright blue eyes. The eye color can range from a pale blue to a deep ocean blue color, but they will be blue and they will stand out. In addition, the eyes will be almond shaped.

The next characteristic to look at is the color of the fur. Siamese cats are usually a creamy color that appears off white or grayish. They have fur points in various colors. The points are darker colored fur on the ears, the feet, and the tail. The points can be chocolate, blue, cream-colored, and other colors. The key is that your cat should be a light color with darker colored fur around the extremities.

The Flame Point Siamese Cat is an example of light colored Siamese mix.

Next you can look at the shape of your cat’s body. There are two versions of the Siamese cat. The first one is thin and angular with a distinct triangle-shaped head. The more modern Siamese cat is rounder. It is not as angular as its ancestors, but it should still be moderately angled in its shape. 

No matter what your cat’s breeding is, it should have a form of blue eyes if it is part Siamese. It should also have a variation of color where it is lighter along the body and grows darker as you reach the legs and the head and tail. The body can be any shape, as this is a less dominant characteristic. Some part Siamese cats will have angular shaped bodies and heads, while others will not.

What Size Are Siamese Cats?

Siamese cats usually weigh between eight and twelve pounds. They are average in size for a cat, but they may look smaller than other cats of the same size. They generally have short fur, so they are easier to take care of. If your cat is part Siamese, then it could have long hair. There is a breed called Himalayan that is a cross between a Siamese and a Persian cat, and they typically look like a Siamese cat with long hair.

The Siamese cat is typically thin, and it is known for having long, skinny legs. It is smaller in stature than other cats, but it can appear taller because it has long legs. 

How Do Siamese Cats Behave?

In addition to how your cat looks, you can observe how your cat behaves. Siamese cats have a lot of personality. They are vocal, and they will talk to you a lot of the time. When a Siamese cat is hungry or wants to play, you will always know. These cats can be very demanding, and they do not like it when they don’t get their way. They will expect you to take good care of them, and they will want a lot of interaction.

Most of the time, Siamese cats enjoy being around other people. If your cat is a rescue, it is hard to know what experiences it may have had, so you may not be able to learn its breed by observing its behavior. However, most Siamese cats enjoy being around people and are very social. They are known to follow you around the house, and they howl and call out for you when they want your attention. 

Siamese cats also enjoy the company of other pets. They are friendly with other cats, and they enjoy playing with toys. If your cat is part Siamese, it will likely want to spend time with you or other pets in the home.

History of the Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat first appeared in the 14th century in Thailand. They were originally a breed that were kept by royalty, but over time they were given away as gifts and became more common. They were rare back then, but they are more common today. In fact, they are considered the 12th most popular breed of cat in the United States. See here for a cost guide for siamese cats.

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