The Best Cat Scratching Posts: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Scratching Posts

Cats naturally have the urge to scratch. They scratch in order to remove old material that may have built up in their claws over time. They also mark their territory when they scratch by producing a scent from their paws that marks who belongs where. This happens whether a cat has a scratching post or not. It’s just part of their nature. So if they don’t have a scratching post to release that pent up urge, they will use the next best thing… your furniture.

If you love the furniture in your house and you want to save them from being scratched then go for a cat scratching post that they can use anytime they feel like scratching themselves. If you don’t take care of your pet by providing these products then they may end up scratching everything in the house to satisfy their desire.

This is why it is so essential to get cat scratcher made from the best materials that will satisfy their scratching urge while lasting a long time.

In this guide, I will walk your through the best scratching posts and surfaces available on the market today to help your cat keep their claws sharp and keep them happy while keeping your sofa scratch-free.

Why Do Cats Need Scratching Posts?

In the wild, cats maintain good hygiene and mark their territory by scratching their claws on all sorts of surfaces, whether its a tree, a rock, a bush, or corrugated cardboard left in an alley. They do it to satisfy their natural urge to scratch, but in doing so they release a scent that helps other cats understand that they are in another cat’s territory.

Since it is a strong impulse and natural instinct, it is near impossible to stop a cat from scratching something inside your house. As such, there are only two options to deal with it: declawing the cat (which I believe is quite cruel and harmful to the cat) or providing your feline friend with some options aside from your furniture to scratch.

Do Scratching Posts Trim Nails?

Any time a cat scratches their claws against a surface, whether its corrugated cardboard or sisal rope, the sharp part of the claws are rounded as a result of the friction. That being said, a cat scratcher is no replacement for a good pair of nail clippers. We still recommend that you trim your pet’s nails regularly with clippers in order to maintain good hygiene and avoid any unwanted scratches around your house.

How Can I Get My Cat to Use a Scratching Post?

When you first bring a brand new scratching post into your home pets may be hesitant to use the product. It could take some time for your cat to adjust to the alien artifact that suddenly appeared in their territory. However, there are a few ways to get your cat to scratch the post more quickly:

  1. Physically move your pet to the scratching post and watch as they investigate the surroundings.
  2. Spread cat nip on the surface of the scratching posts to entice your kitty.
  3. Place a plate of wet food near or on the scratching post to lure your cat over.

How to Choose a Cat Scratcher

Choosing the right scratching post can be a challenge, but it is important to acquire one that doesn’t make a mess with dust, provides a comfortable scratching surface that won’t catch on to your cat’s nails, and provides enough stability that it won’t fall down easily when a large cat or multiple cats pounce on it.

You should also consider the number of cats you have at home. Having a single scratching post at a multi-cat household may prove to be problematic at the end of the day. Your cats may end up struggling for space and some may not be able to adequately scratch their claws as a result.

Types of Cat Scratching Posts

There are a few different types of cat scratchers on the market, but they usually differ on the following:

Material: Scratching posts can be made of many different materials, including woven sisal, carpet or even corrugated cardboard. The type of material used for the scratching surface can make a big difference in terms of cleanliness as well as your pet’s satisfaction with the product.

Shape: Cat scratchers also come in a variety of different shapes, with some being a vertical post shape, while others are more horizontal providing a space for cats to really stretch out and dig in with their claws.

What is the best type of cat scratching post? Well, it depends entirely on your needs and the preferences of your kitties. Some prefer to have a more upright post to lean in on while others prefer sisal rope over cardboard scratchers.

Our Reviews For Top 5 Cat Scratching Posts

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#1. Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Post

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post Check Price
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This product is made from durable materials which makes it last a lot longer than many other competitors. It is a straight post that is vertically placed on the floor.


  • This cat scratching post is made from fibrous durable sisal on a 32″ post. This allows your pet to freely stretch vertically on the post.


  • It has a sturdy base that prevents it from wobbling whenever the cat that is tall enough jumps on it.
  • Its vertical shape makes it easy for your pets to scratch themselves comfortably. Has fibrous and durable sisal which is the best for the strengthening of the nails.
  • This post can remain attractive and sturdy for a long period of time.
  • Due to its height, your pet gets all the stretching pleasure and also exercises itself.
  • It is very easy to assemble only by using the two screws that attach the base and the post.


  • Sometimes the sisal may come loose if you have a vigorous and highly active cat. As a result, it may lose its shape quickly.
  • It’s not padded at the bottom, you need to do it yourself to avoid scratches on the hardwood floor.
  • This product has a very high price compared to other products in the market.

#2. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge Check Price
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This product is both comfortable for cats scratching and lounging on. It is made of materials of high quality this makes it be durable. It has a design that can also act as a decoration in your home; it’s a multipurpose cat scratching post; a cat scratching post with a bed.

Made of durable cardboard which makes it last longer. It has a wide surface area which can be used by more than one cat or even bigger cats. Your pet can comfortably rest on the curved part at the top.


  • It doesn’t require any assembly, you just buy it and place it in an even place and it’s ready for use.
  • It is so stylish.
  • It is made of materials that are very safe for your pet.
  • You can comfortably use it no matter the number of cats that you have. All large and small cats can use it and get the pleasure that they require regardless of their sizes.


  • It takes up a lot of space due to its large surface area.
  • Some cats tend to use it as a sleeping place because of its curved top.

#3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Check Price
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Go Pet Club cat tree has a decent look that makes it be a very attractive cat scratch post. However, it is only suitable for a small cat, but works quite well for that purpose. In addition, it is one of the most affordable options available on the market.


  • You can place it anywhere in the house and it will look great.
  • It is tall enough and large enough for most cats to enjoy themselves.
  • The wood post is covered with sisal which most cats like to scratch.
  • Its price is not so high as compared to other products in the same category.


  • It isn’t large enough for more than one cat. if you have more pets, then this may not be the best product for you.
  • Large sized cats can’t use it because it is specifically designed for small felines only.
  • You really need a lot of time and knowledge to assemble it because it has so many parts that should be put together for it to be ready for use.

#4. SmartCat Bootie’s Three-in-One Cat Scratcher

SmartCat Bootsie’s Combination Scratcher Check Price
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This cat scratching post is one that fit practically anywhere in your home. You can either put it on the floor, hang it on the wall or even put it on the door post. It has a measurement of 7″ W× 2.5″ D × 24″ L.


  • Made of fibrous and woven sisal that is durable and inspires scratching.
  • It is easy to set up, you just need to mount it either on the wall or place it somewhere on the floor and it’s ready for use.
  • It has rubber feet that ensure that it doesn’t slide when placed on the floor.
  • It remains sturdy and doesn’t wobble when the pet scratches on it.
  • You can use it for both large and small sized cats.


  • It doesn’t work really well when placed on the wall, its small base seems to lack enough stbility when in an upright position.

#5. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree Check Price
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This is a great unit for anybody who wants to see their cats have the pleasure to jump, climb, sleep and exercise all in a single place. This is not only a cat scratching post tree but it also includes sleeping places for the cat. We have a full product review on this cat tree that you can find here for more info.


  • This product allows the cat to do almost everything all in a single place, you don’t need to have many scratchers at home.
  • It can be used by both small and big cats at the same time .
  • It comes with instructions on how to assemble it quickly.


  • Requires assembly
  • It may be challenging if you don’t have enough information on how to set it up.
  • Not as affordable as other options.

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