Best Carrier for Two Cats

Best Carriers for Two Cats

Traveling with your pets can be stressful, especially with cats. Cats are known to be resistant to change and anxious when their environment shifts from their everyday lives. So no matter if you are traveling by plane or long car trips, it is essential to get your cat the best cat carrier on the market. Add two cats in the same carrier and you got a recipe for one of the most stressful endeavors of your life!

Finding the perfect cat carrier can be difficult, especially if you have a large cat or even multiple cats. Below I have listed eight of the best cat carriers for two cats that are the most dependable on the market. 

Our Top 8 Carriers For Multiple Cats

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1. One for Pets Portable 2-in-1Opens in a new tab. 

The One for Pets carrier is a large travel carrier that’s ideal for those with multiple cats. It can hold up to four cats at once with the two large sections, making it suitable for those you have to travel in the car with multiple cats. 

The carrier is vast without being bulky, so it is lightweight and easy for you to carry from place to place. If your cat loves their space, there’s a wall feature on the inside of the carrier. It can also be unzipped and turned into one large carrier if your cats enjoy cuddling each other. 

This large cat carrier is ideal for taking their feline friends for an extended car ride. The carrier itself is comfortable without giving up safety. There are built-in straps to connect your car’s seatbelt to the carrier to ensure that your cat is safe and secure to the vehicle’s seat. 

2. Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat CarrierOpens in a new tab.

This cat carrier’s large design makes it great for holding more than one cat while also being a space saver due to its foldable form. For added comfort, the Sport Pet cat carrier can be purchased with or without a bed giving your cat maximum comfort if they’ll be in there for a more extended amount of time. 

The manufacturer states that this cat carrier can hold up to 35 lbs, making it one of the best cat carriers for two cats. This feature makes it perfect for those who need a cat carrier for traveling or a car trip. The cat carrier also has a wide opening to help your cat feel more relaxed and at ease about walking into it. 

On top of the comfort and space, this cat carrier is easy to clean. The removable bed and open latch on the door frame make it easier than ever to clean up everyday messes involving cats. 

3. Petseek Extra Large Cat CarrierOpens in a new tab. 

The Petseek Cat Carrier is the ultimate cat carrier for road trips. It is gigantic, making it the best cat carrier for large cats, but still malleable due to its foldable steel support features. The steel support within the carrier also keeps your cats safe and secure inside. 

Besides the safety benefits, it is spacious. It can easily hold up to 2-3 cats depending on their size and temperament towards one another. If cats enjoy cuddling while taking naps and do not need a wall to separate them for privacy, this cat carrier is excellent for you and your cats. 

This cat carrier has locks on the zippers to prevent your mischievous cats from unzipping them and making a quick escape when you aren’t looking. But if you need to get immediate access to your cat, there are three paths to reach them. 

For your convenience, the cat carrier also has Oxford fabric which is water-resistant and easy to clean. 

4. Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Mesh CarrierOpens in a new tab.

If you need a cat carrier that offers some of the same features and is budget-friendly, this Amazon Basics one is an excellent option for multiple cats. This carrier is great for those who need a simple cat carrier for travel. 

There’s mesh padding at the bottom to help your cat feel more comfortable that’s removable and machine-washable, allowing you the means to ensure that your cat is safe in a clean area. 

The Amazon carrier comes in three different sizes, but the manufacturer recommends measuring your cat and not exceeding 22 lbs. Following this guideline will improve the longevity and condition of your carrier.

5. PawHut Dual Compartment CarrierOpens in a new tab. 

This carrier by PawHut works great for car rides. There’s a cushioned hammock design in the two compartments to enhance the experience for your cat. The PawHut carrier also comes with a fixed belt on the back to help you attach it to your vehicle for safety and security.

The windows on the carrier are also meshed to ensure that you see your cat. It also gives them more accessibility to breathe in a space that’s more confined than what they’re used to. For added convenience, the carrier is foldable, which makes it fit easily in other small areas in your home when not in use. 

6. Sport PET Large Pop Open KennelOpens in a new tab.

Turn the back of your car or truck into a cozy oasis for your feline family. The Sport PET carrier is perfect for long road trips with multiple cats. Due to its hefty design, you can fit up to four cats inside. 

The manufacturer offers a wide kennel design carrier as well as a more traditional carrier. If needed, they also have litter boxes available that zip open or closed. Once you’ve used it, it folds completely flat for easy storage in the back of your vehicle. 

7. NECO ICHI CATS FIRST Necoichi PortableOpens in a new tab.

NECO ICHI offers a cage as well as a cat carrier for purchase. You have the full capability to view each one and choose whichever one best accommodates your needs for a cat carrier. 

The cage is large and designed for car rides. The wide mesh opening on both sides can open and close as well, allowing you a complete view of your cat while also doubling as a comfy area for your cats outside of the car. 

The board structure of it can accommodate multiple cats if needed. The carrier that they offer can carry up to two cats. The cage is one of the best cat carriers for owners who have multiple cats to transport. 

8. SturdiBag Large Flexible Pet CarrierOpens in a new tab.

The SturdiBag cat carrier is very similar to the PawHut Duel Compartment cat carrier. It has a wall of fabric to separate the two cats if needed. The bottom of it is plush and built for comfort, like the PawHut. 

The defining factor between the two is the structure of the SturdiBag. It is more compact and circular than the PawHut. This factor might make it ideal for those who need to fit the cat carrier into a smaller space. 

The smaller design also means that this cat carrier works best for this. You just need to travel with two to three cats at the most. 


Traveling with your cats is tricky, but it does not have to be that way all the time. It is now easier than ever to purchase a cat carrier for two or more cats. 

Prioritizing your feline’s safety and comfort is of the utmost importance when traveling from place to place. Having more than one cat can double or even triple your worry, but by using one of the best cat carriers for two cats, you can be at ease. To keep your feline friends happy, safe, and comfortable, select one of my top picks from above.

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