The Best Automatic Cat Feeders: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Automatic Cat Feeders

Are you a cat owner who works late, works extra hours or travels a lot? Then you may be like many other people who are cat owners and find themselves constantly short of time and failing to consistently feed their cat as regularly as they would like.

This scenario can leave you feeling guilty and anxious about your cat. This does not always have to be the case.

Innovations in the market mean that you can now make sure that your feline friend remains well fed even when you are away with an automatic cat feeder. This amazing gadget is great source of stress relief as it ensures that your cat always gets the food required whether you decide to sleep out or travel for work.

It is not always easy for you to choose the best automatic feeder for your precious fur baby. There are factors to consider such as price or type.

After examining many automatic cat feeders, we decided to provide a review to help you make the best choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Automatic Cat Feeder

The Number of Cats

You need to think of the number of cats you have so that you can choose the model that best fits your situation. Some cat feeders are better suited for just one cat at a time, while others can provide for multiple cats in your household.

The Maturity Of Your Cat

If your cat is mischievous and is past the kitten stage he or she could figure out how to hack the the cat feeder to help itself to as much food as it would want. I don’t have to tell you how intelligent cats are. When they want something, it’s hard to stop them. Some cats are able to figure out how the cat feeder operates after a few trial and error.

Types of Automatic Cat Feeders

  • Single Bowl: This kind of cat feeder is designed with a bin at the rear where you place the cat food. Once you have set up the appropriate schedule, it automatically dispenses the food into the bowl.
  • Bowl With Troughs: The other type that is available is the single bowl with different troughs or trays. They have a cover on top with an opening corresponding to the dimension of a single trough. You can program it to rotate and open the next trough that is already filled with food at the scheduled time.

Our Top 5 Automatic Cat Food Dispensers

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#1. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed - Microchip Pet Feeder
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SureFeed is one of the most highly reviewed automatic pet food dispensers on the market today. It’s innovative design and affordable price point make it one of the best options for cat owners looking to provide a stable feeding experience for their felines.


  • This is the best automatic cat feeder for wet food though it can be utilized for dry foods as well.
  • It has a two-compartment design with an ice pack at the base to keep wet food as fresh as possible throughout the day. Each compartment can open independently based on a timer and can contain approximately 450 grams of dry or wet food.
  • It has a 48-hour timer that is battery operated.
  • You are able to set the timer device to open the compartments several times for up to 48 hours. This is perfect for a weekend away or a short holiday with the comfort of knowing that your cat will be well fed the entire time.
  • You can take a weekend getaway or go for a vacation knowing that your cat will be well fed.
  • The bowls can easily be removed and washed in a dishwasher or by hand.

#2. Aspen Pet LeBistro Automatic Pet Feeder

Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Cat and Dog Feeder
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The Aspen Pet LeBistro’s innovative portion control feature of ¼ cups to 3 cups per meal ensures that your cat will maintain a healthy diet even when you are away. This feature is especially useful for cat parents that are trying to check the weight of their cat.

Customer friendly design lets you store extra food at once, eradicating the necessity to refill your cat’s food during the day.

This gravity feeder with clear compartment permits busy cat parents to observe and monitor food levels at a glance.

Microban shield helps avoid the development of odor-causing and staining bacteria. The lid top makes replenishing your cat feeder convenient and straightforward.

#3. CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder with Digital Timer

Super Feeder Automatic Cat Feeder, CSF-3, Stand/Bowl, Analog Timer
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One of the most interesting features of this automatic cat food dispenser is that you can fasten it to a wall or play stand for that mischievous cat that has a tendency of breaking into feeders.


  • The CSF-3 Super Feeder is an excellent automatic cat feeder for two cats to feed at a time regardless of whether the cats share the same bowl or eat at different times. Its capability for multi-directional dispensing means you can propel kibbles in two distinct directions.
  • It is simple to program with multiple digital timers.
  • It has a standby feature with seconds precision for up to 8 everyday feed cycles.


  • Extra small helpings are possible with the use of the slow speed power adapter
  • Can be used in association with a network-based system or home mechanization system
  • Will last for years as it is one of the most durable cat feeders on the market
  • Diverse bowl choices work well with this cat feeder. Useful for cats with plastic allergies
  • Up to 8 helpings, a day can be allotted by the cat feeder. This makes this feeder the perfect option for feeding multiple cats
  • Can be used for extended periods of time while you are away.
  • Feeder holds nearly 5 cups of dry food
  • Roller and baffle system dispenses food. This guarantees that food won’t get jammed in the feeder 
  • All the parts on the CSF-3 can be removed, replaced, and are dishwasher-safe
  • You can easily program to dispense snacks in between large meals


  • This cat feeder has no backup power supply. If unplugged accidentally, your cats could go hungry indefinitely
  • This cat feeder’s quality cannot be questioned; it is premium. However, you will pay dearly for it. It is quite pricey
  • The food portions can vary especially when using small, flat disc kinds of cat food
  • You need to view a YouTube video to help you with assembling. This may put some people off

#4. Petsafe Healthy Pet Food Station

PetSafe Healthy Food Station – Stainless Steel Bowl – Dry Kibble Dispenser
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The Petsafe Healthy Pet Food Station guarantees food that is fresh for your pet at all times. It holds up to 2 lbs of dry food and is the best automatic cat feeder for multiple cats because of its ability to hold a large and consistent amount of food.

The BPA Free and detachable stainless steel dish are made of a material that vets endorse as capable of supporting cleanliness and health. The lock-in-place hopper and reservoir lock in position by rotating clockwise to avoid knock overs as well as spills.

Simply disinfect the stainless steel bowl at high temperature in your dishwasher to eradicate possible bacteria that can cause your cat dangerous infections from allergic reactions, skin and nose irritations, or micro-organisms.

The detachable stainless steel dish is easy to keep clean and dishwasher safe.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is excellent for cats that have an allergic reaction to plastic
  • The size of the food compartment is ideal for cat parents with multiple cats. It holds a lot of food.
  • You are able to keep an eye on food reserves through the clear plastic of the food dispenser


  • Does not include a switch to stop the food from dropping so you can’t limit feeding between mealtimes
  • Should you travel or be away, you will have food which is exposed and getting stale at home
  • You can only clean the stainless steel bowl when the food runs out unless you want a mess
  • The food does not always flow down into the bowl when it should

This is a great product with lots of fantastic reviews, especially if you are looking for an automatic cat food dispenser that can handle more than one cat at a time. Its not too expensive and is a good value for your money.

#5. Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder

This cat food dispenser is identical to their four meal version, but has no an ice pack and has six smaller food dishes instead of 4. This has an easy-to-use regulator panel that is identical to that on their four portion feeder. It lets you stipulate six different feeding times. This also boasts of a low battery indicator as well as a digital clock.

At the programmed feeding time, the feeder will rotate to the subsequently filled food tray, and the lid will open spontaneously. This permits your cat to eat at their speed, but on a systematic feeding program that you regulate. The six feeding slots are each 175 ml in size and can receive wet or dry food. They are effortlessly detachable making them easy to keep clean.

This feeder also has a voice recorder that lets you record 20 seconds of the voice message which is played at meal times letting your pet know that it’s time to eat. This is a nice touch for cat owners seeking to lift the spirits of their cat while they are away.

The body is designed using thick and sturdy plastic that will last for a long time. It comes in light and dark blue as well as granite.


  • The bowls can hold enough food to feed up to two cats for 48 hours with no problems
  • The voice recorder is useful for pet parents when they are away. They can record a message that lets the cats know when it is meal time


  • Many customers complain that it comes with a whopping 11 pages of user instructions and that is complicated to set up
  • The door does seem to be easy to open for smart cats. They can then help themselves to as much food as they want
  • The procedure for setting the clock and the intervals for every feed is not spontaneous. You have to use an amalgamation of mode and set knobs, occasionally needing to hold a button down for up to 2 seconds to get it to it to work


The automatic cat feeder of choice is the CSF-3 Super Feeder. It has excellent reviews with many innovative features that will keep your furry friend well-fed (but not too well-fed) for the times when you need to get away for more than a day.

P.S.  There is another great automatic cat feeder that that we reviewed here.

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