Complete Review of Wireless Whiskers Automatic Pet Feeder

Wireless Whiskers Automatic pet Feeder is a new innovative pet feeder that helps to take care of your pets feeding solutions. It helps you to plan the diets of your pets routinely. It also allows you to automatically set the feeding allowance and allows you to comfortably manage up to 8 pets. This helps you to save time, money and hassle.

The new improved version of this feeder known as the v2 model has boosted performance and even additional features like extra AutoDiet Wizard, no night feeding access and detection Interval settings. It comes with amazing patented technology that will beat the imaginations of your friends and family.

Wireless Whiskers Automatic Pet Feeder

Features of Wireless whiskers automatic pet Feeder

  • With this automatic feeder you can program eight pets by name. It can lock out or allow selected pets.
  • It prevents greedy pets from pigging out
  • It assist you to set customized weight lose diet for specific pets
  • It helps to keep out particular cats or dogs.
  • It helps sleep-in pets to be able to feed themselves.
  • The capacity is large enough and contains 5lbs of dry food.
  • It has control access to Rx food types.
  • It will as well work with batteries
  • This pet feeder easily helps you to keep your pets physically fit and healthy and trim without all the fuss
  • It displays the feeding amounts of individual pets and ensures that no pet cheats the other.
  • It alerts you when any pet is being under fed and helps you to get rid of gorging and vomiting attitude.
  • It breaks up various types of food by permitting or locking out specific types of pets according to their diet like if it is kitten diet, adult diet or prescription food.
  • It allows for a flexible access settings. This helps doors to open or close to meet various household situations.
  • It helps you to keep your Dog out of the Cat's food
  • It is great for feeding kittens, pups or adult pets
  • It gives you chance to fully automatically or manually control what you want.

This wireless whiskers automatic pet Feeder comes with these components in a pack

  • The wireless pet feeder itself
  • The feeding tube, the top lid
  • A paw guard which inhibits the cats from putting their claws in between the door
  • Ac adapter
  • Two wireless tags but you can place an order for more if you require more
  • Users manual and warranty

Cons of wireless whiskers automatic pet feeder

  • Cats that eat too much may figure their way through the plastic doors and eat from the side. To stop this from happening all you need to do is set the door control to default
  • The feeding bowl is not removable and that makes cleaning the feeder a bit tricky
  • The hopper is not made airtight

Pros of wireless whiskers automatic pet feeder

  • The wireless whiskers pet feeder has large enough capacity to food
  • It alerts you when a cat did not eat enough food which may be a sign of illness
  • It keep records and statistics of the amount food that your can eat each day and the records of your cats fee for the day before
  • It is a good automatic pet feeder to use if you are looking for a feeder that will help you to feed more than one pet at a time.
  • A wireless whiskers automatic pet feeder can be used to feed a maximum of 8 cats
  • It is very good feeding solution for pets that are on different diets in a home
  • Wireless whiskers automatic pet feeder is sturdily built
  • The set up is very easy and your pet can also be incorporated into the system.
  • With a section of it, you can feed one or more cats

This Whiskers automatic pet feeder is functional for up to 8 pets of roughly eighteen inch tall. Wireless Whiskers is the most highly developed pet feeder globally! It can be used to take care of the most complicated pet feeding issues.

It shows you feeding data of every one of your pet, today’s feeding data, yesterday's total feeding data and percentage of daily allowance. Its portion control feature prevents the pet from taking all their daily allowance at once.

With this superb feature, you can divide your pet’s daily allowance for up to 24 portions throughout the day. The pets would be shut out if they try to feed too fast.

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