Full Review of Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

This is Large Remote Controlled Automatic Dry Food Portion Control Dog and Cat Pet Feeder. Toppets PF-21B comes with a wireless IR remote reception system that allows you to program the feeder initiate feeding with a remote range of 32 to 39 feet without obstructions. It records a personal message for your pet, up to 8 seconds.

Features of the Toppets Pf-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It comes with lock up lid which prevents ingenious pets from opening it and getting more food unauthorized.
  • It comes with a large hopper capacity of 45 cups
  • It features an adaptable meal sizes from ¼ cup to 2 ½ cups which is 1 to 12 portions for each meal
  • It is great for kibble sizes of ¼ inch to ½ inch diameter
  • It comes with a wireless infra red remote control feature
  • It can be set-up to dole out form 1 to 5 cups of food every day
  • It comes with programmable feeding time schedules
  • It comes with an LCD screen which is easy to read
  • Good memory and inbuilt clock are also its excellent features
  • It comes with a smart sensor that prevents the feed tray from becoming over load
  • It inhibits accidental spillage
  • It comes with unique Anti-jamming feature
  • It comes with a see-through hopper that shows the level of hopper
  • It comes with tamper-proof grips on hopper
  • Voice recording feature for customized message to your pet which gets played three times.
  • Alarm sounds when feeding schedule is over
  • ​It comes with Detachable food hopper & feeding tray for easy cleaning.
  • ​Built-in clock with easy to read memory LCD Display.
  • ​It features a built-in microphone, speaker and low battery indicator.
  • It makes use of 4 D battery Power or AC Power; DC Power adaptor is included in the pack.
  • Toppets Pf-21B-Dimensions is 16.5"x9.5"x14.5" ( L x W x H).
Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

Pros of Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

  • It comes with hopper lid locking system that prevents the cats from trying to open the cover.
  • It comes with removable hopper and food dish for easy cleaning.
  • ​It features paw proof chute that makes it difficult for cats for trying to ingeniously get extra food.
  • ​It is made with customizable feeding time schedules and portion sizes.
  • It has voice recording feature for calling your pet for meal times.
  • ​It features two feeding wheels/spinners that help the feeder to be adapted to the size of the kibbles.
  • ​It functions with batteries and AC adapter either independently or together.
  • It has a very clear LCD screen which is easy to read together with memory that retains the setting.
  • ​It has a remote control feature which allows you to easily program the unit and plan feeding schedule at any given time.
  • It has a very big hopper capacity of 45 cups of dry pet foods.
  • The digital timer that comes with the feeder is very reliable.

Cons of Toppets PF-21B Automatic Pet Feeder

  • The food is being dispensed only to the left part of the feed dish.
  • The loud beeping sound that comes before the recorded sound may be terrifying to a few pets. If you found the beeping sound unbearable, you can dismantle it and disconnect the speaker.
  • ​The recording is played for 3 times which may not particularly be liked by a few pet parents.
  • ​The food that are near the dispensing area dropped and the food that are not closed to it doesn’t move which forms a kind of empty space in the middle of the hoper requiring a shake of the hopper for the food to continue to be dispensed.
  • The voice recording has a very poor quality.
  • ​It doesn’t dispense specialized portion sizes for each meal time. You need to empty the hopper anytime you want to replace the battery.
  • The screw mechanism of the feeder jams from time to time.
  • It doesn’t come with detailed programming instruction and this makes it a bit difficult to set up.
  • The minimum amount of food it can dispense, the ¼ of the cup is equivalent to 3/8 cup of cat kibble. This means too much food for a cat that is being feed for up to three times every day. To make less food dispensing possible, you can cover a section of the chute.

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