Qpets AF 200 Programmable Pet Feeder: Product Review

There different forms of automatic pet feeder accessible these days. Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder is not only automatic, it is also programmable. The good thing about this type of pet feeder is that you can use it for any size of pet.

Being programmable, you can use for dispensing as small as 1/4 cup up to 5 cups during any of the feeding hours. It can be used to feed a pet for up to 4 times a day. It has a store capacity of 10lbs of dry pet food at any given time.

Due to the transparent nature of the food container, you can see with much ease when the food supply is running out and need to be refilled.

It comes with a built-in voice recorder and speaker which allow you to record your voice to be used at meal-time to beckon your pet. The Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder works well on 4-D batteries, which is roughly about 6 months of battery life.

Product Description

The AF-200 is a highly developed programmable pet feeder available in the market. It has a very large capacity and can hold food that up to 10 lb. It dispenses from one-quarter cup to 5 cups of food. It comes with a built in voice recorder and speaker that allows you to call your pet for meal times.

The battery last for up to 6 months. It is good for small and big pets. It helps to feed your pet at the schedule time whether you are home or not. Feed your pets on time whether you are not at home.

Qpets AF 200 Programmable Pet Feeder

Features of Qpets AF 200 Programmable Pet Feeder

  • It can hold up to 10 lbs or 4.5 kilo gram of food.
  • ​It can dole out dog food starting from as little as 1/4 cup or as much as 5 cups for every meal.
  • ​It can help you to serve as much as four meals every day.
  • It is made up of a built-in microphone and speaker that help you to record and customize messages to the pet the way you like.
  • It can be used to take care of any size of pet.
  • ​It is made up of detachable bowl and a top cover which is dishwasher safe for easy washing and cleaning up.
  • It functions well on 4-D batteries that have the life span of six months each. To prolong the life span of the pet feeder it is better to make use of alkaline 4-D batteries.
  • ​It contains a low battery meter.
  • It comes with the manufacturer’s limited warranty covers that lasts for 1 year the pet feeder for a year.
  • You need sales receipt to be able to get the limited manufacturer warranty.

Product Specifications

  • The dimension of the programmable pet feeder is: 15 x 9 x 17 inches.
  • ​This programmable pet feeder weighs 3.5 lbs.
  • ​The color of the petfeeder is black.
  • ​The specifications of AC adapter are standard 6 Volt to 2.1mm ID.
  • It comes in a 4 PC/s case.

Pros of Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder

  • This automatic and programmable pet feeder is very simple to setup and program.
  • It functions well with any size of kibble.
  • ​It is very reliable and functions at the scheduled times.
  • The voice recorder functions very well.
  • The hopper has large enough and the capacity can accommodate huge quantity of pet food at a time.
  • It comes with a durable and solid bowl which is dishwasher safe.
  • It is comfortably priced and not pricey compared to the value it delivers.

Cons of Qpets AF 200 programmable pet feeder

  • This pet feeder functions with batteries which must buy separately.
  • The chute cover from the feeder comes up very fast and with much ease.
  • The chute cap is very large and takes up large space of the bowl area.
  • It can sometimes result to incorrect food portions.
  • The back light of LCD panel doesn’t light up significantly well.
  • The attachment point between the bowl and the hopper is not very strong.
  • The feeder is light weight when the food level drops making it liable to be tripped over.


The Qpets AF 200 cat feeder functions properly with dogs. Some cats can ingenuously steal food from the hopper. If you are looking for a reliable and powerfully built electronic feeder, this electronic feeder is worth your consideration for your cat or dog pets feeding needs.

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