Petmate Le Bistro Programmable Food Dispenser- Full Review

Petmate Le Bistro pet feeder is very popular and can be used as a pet feeder for your cats and dogs. The le Bistro programmable feeder and food dispenser has two versions; the old version and the new version. The new version is entirely powered with battery without any additional backup system.

Product description

Petmate Le Bistro pet feeder is a programmable automatic pet feeder which can be used to dispense controlled portions of food to your pet for a maximum of three times a day. It can deliver portion sizes of food ranging from ¼ to 3 cups per serving. Thus, you can set the amount of food you want your pet to eat each day.

The daily amount of food portion is kept in a tough plastic bottom waiting for the scheduled meal time. The feeding bowl is made easily removable to make it easier to clean up.

This food dispenser can only be powered with 3 D-cell alkaline batteries which are not included in the packet. You need to purchase them yourself. The battery life is approximately 6 months. It comes with a low battery indicator that tells you when to consider replacing the battery.

The programmable food dispenser can be assembled in a minute without any tools and it measures. 10 x 14 x 15 dimension and comes with a one year limited guarantee.

Petmate Le Bistro Programmable Food Dispenser

Application and usage of petmate le Bistro food dispenser

  • Take away the cover of the food hopper and pour adequate amount of food as required. The hopper has a capacity of up to 4.2 lbs capacity.
  • You need to set the alarm clock with the use of LCD screen
  • It is made up of three buttons which passes through the process which helps you to set and schedule feeding time for your pet
  • This pet feeder as well comes with a meal counter which helps to the number of times you want your pet to eat every day.

If you want to use the feeder to feed cats in every situation, you may consider the following tips.

  • You must be feeding more than one cat at a time.
  • The feeder will also work for you if your cats are not the smart type that would try to figure out how to cleverly eat more food.
  • It is also very suitable for cats that are very active both indoors and outdoors
  • It is also good for feeding cats if your pet feed is made up large sized pellets of about half inch.
  • The feeder is not great for feeding a cat that has a very definite feeding schedule, if you want to keep your cat fitter by limiting the amount of foods it takes every day.

Pros of petmate Le Bistro programmable food dispenser

  • This programmable food dispenser can be set up without hassles if you follow instructions.
  • It comes with in-build paddle wheel which rotates to discharge the food. The food portions are kept section by section, and are made up of soft flexible material to stop it from jamming during dispensing time.
  • With this programmable food dispenser, you are relieved of having to measure out and pour out for your pet every day.

Cons of petmate Le Bistro Programmable food dispenser

  • Some cats can discover how to eat additional food through their paws.
  • The minimum portion of food it can dispense is one quarter cup and this is unsuitable if you want to feed a cat under diet especially if you want to feed the cat for more than twice every day.
  • ​The new version of this programmable food dispenser works only on battery.
  • It doesn’t have any power back up system.
  • A few buyers of the food dispenser observed that the food dispenser doesn’t dispense accurate portion of food set and at the exact time scheduled for the feeding.


The petmate Le bistro pet feeder is a great programmable and automatic pet feeder. However, it is not a good feeder for cats because cats can steal food from the food hopper through their paws.

If you need to give your cat a very exact quantity of food every day, you may wish to try other options as this programmable feed dispenser makes it difficult to maintain similar amount of food each day for your cat on specific food.

This pet feeder is a more suitable feeding option for dogs although it can serve the needs of cats perfectly in some circumstances.

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