Complete Review Of Pet Smartfeeder

The pet SmartFeeder is basically a feeding basin with a hold reservoir above. Apart from dispensing food for your pet, when the food tray is empty, the pet smartfeeder also helps to control feed portions for your pets. The interesting part of the feeder is how it makes use of your pet’s size to determine the portion size of the food to dispense for it.

While setting up the feeder, you key in the weight of your pet, its age, level of activity and other similar information that you’d be prompted to put in the SmartFeeder app. As soon as the SmartFeeder begins to portion out food for your pet, the machine starts to monitor your pet’s behavior to check if it is eating all the food and how fast it could eat it. It would also try to figure out if it takes your pet multiple trips to the bowl to finish the food.

It makes use of these collected information plus the ones you initially keyed in to determine portion sizes for your pet and detect the form of food that would suit your pet more.

Petnet smartfeeder is a very intelligent automatic pet feeder. You can program and control it from your smart phone, iOS device, or ipad

With the petnet smartfeeder, you can remotely program a feeding routine for your pet; choose portions of food and feeding time intervals. It also shows you how fast the food should be dispensed whether it is bit by bit or dispensed all at once.

If you don’t know the portion sizes suitable for your pet the smartfeeder estimates the amount, tells you and suggests the most suitable type of feed for your dog or cat.

pet smartfeeder

Features of Pet smartfeeder

  • It comes with technology that allows you to manage your pet’s feeding needs in real time in any location in the world
  • It comes with food inventory feature that allows you to choose the best food type for your cat.
  • It has alert system for timing, meal times and battery life
  • The portion sizes ranges from 1/16 to 11/2
  • It comes with a great hopper capacity that can contain 7-7 lb of dry food
  • The food bowl are made of stainless steel
  • It comses with a us A/C power adapter and buit-in battery
  • It is made of a chew proof chord
  • The bowl dept is 2
  • The dimension is 15.32 L X 8.70 W X 15.32 D
  • It works with Wifi internet connections

Pros of petsmart feeder

  • It helps you to customize each meal in size and portion.
  • It determines the best healthy meal for your pet.
  • ​You can adjust the speed of food dispensing.
  • ​The app allows you the opportunity to program as many foods as you need to.
  • Pet net app helps you to calculate a suitable portion of food for your pet.
  • ​If you want to give your pet extra food, the smart feeder can be programmed to dispense it in real-time.
  • If your pet feed is running low, you can order more food from petnet and get it delivered right to your house. The stainless steel bow and the hopper are easily detachable and are machine washable.
  • ​It has internal backup battery which allows you to still make use of the machine when there is power failure.
  • ​It notifies you of meal times, the quantity of feed served, food inventory and battery life.
  • The feeder doesn’t make noise when it is dispensing foods.
  • ​It comes with a chew proof cord.
  • It is made of a solid and sturdy materials and a lower center of gravity which makes more difficult for your pet to trip over it.
  • ​It comes with make-safe lock type cover and with a twist open mechanism.

Cons of Pet smartfeeder

  • A number of pet food types cannot be found in the database of the smartfeeder.
  • You need internet connection to be able to set it up or program it.
  • ​The feeding bowl can only feed one cat at a time.
  • Occasionally some kibbles stuck on the machine resulting to jamming.
  • The smart feeder can sometimes lose connection.
  • The feeder has no provision for advance programming of the feeding schedule for different days of the week.
  • The minimum amount it can dispense is 0.5 oz. This may be too large if you want to serve a small snack to your pet.

The SmartFeeder is a very good automatic feeder that holds about seven pounds of food requiring refilling only after a week or two. With food portion estimation feature, your pet gets to live a much healthier life style.

The food inventory and market place feature is also a great tool. You can just choose any food you want place an order through your smartfeeder app and it would be delivered to your door.

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