The Best Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews of 2018

There are a lot of reasons why you may need an automatic cat feeder as a pet owner. Although you can always feed your pet during meal times if you have an automatic pet feeder, you have peace of mind knowing that your pet would always get fed at the right time.

You’ll also save some time to engage in other activities. With an automatic pet feeder, you can plan your pet’s meal and go on a weekend or a week’s vacation without starving your pet or having to hire someone to get the job done in your absence.

Automatic pet feeder thus saves you time, money, and worry.  To ensure you get the best automatic cat feeder, we have put together reviews of the best automatic pet feeders to guide your shopping decision.

Best Automatic Cat Feeder reviews

#1. Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

The petsafe Healthy pet simply feed automatic cat feeder is one of the recently introduced automatic feeders in the market that comes with varieties of encoding option. If you want a pet feeder that can help you to put your cat on a diet without hassle, this pet feeder is a good option for you. It comes with a portion control that is easy to manage and one that is completely measured. Monitoring the portion control is also very easy.

What it contains

It contains the Primary unit, User manual, Quick start guide, Stainless steel bowl and Plastic bowl holder. It is a standard sized feeder of roughly 6.5 lbs.  The feeder is made of top-quality and long lasting materials. You can schedule many feeding modes. With the slow feed feature, you can prevent an unauthorized pet from eating from the feeder.  It comes with a stainless steel bowl which makes cleaning easy as it can be washed with dish washer.

Good features

The Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed comes with a lot of exclusive features that make it easy to use like the following:  It accommodates a lot of food and can be customized to feed your cat throughout the day. With the large size of this feeder, you only need to only refill in roughly nine to ten days. It is not difficult to program the feeder. The structure of the feeder prevents your cat from stealing more than the scheduled portion size from the feeder.

The Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed allows complete customization. Petsafe Healthy Simply Feed is able to schedule twelve meals in a single day. This automatic pet feeder is one of the top rated pet feeders available in the market. The hopper can accommodate twenty four cups of dry cat food at one single time. It is transparent enough to allow you to know when you need to top up the cat feed.

Bad features

It doesn’t come with any form of AC adapter. The feeder makes noise while dispensing the kibbles. The feeding bowl is unsuitable for smaller cats. You need a good amount of time to figure out the programming options of the cat feeder.

 #2. Pet Feedster PF-10 CAT Automatic Feeder

Pet’s feedster PF-10 CAT is one of the best automatic cat food feeders in the market. It gives you peace of mind with the knowledge that your cat would be fed on a planned schedule due to the fact that it is a well structured and timed cat food dispenser. It is very durable and dispenses food accurately. These are the two best features that make it one of the best automatic cat feeders in the market.

What it contains

It comes with a very reliable backup battery and power features. It is well proofed to prevent invasion by smart cat and would be difficult for any cat to steal food from it. It comes with Battery Backup and AC adapter with option of increasing the battery backup with (6 x D batteries). It is easy to program and come with transparent LCD screen.

Good features

Food hopper is not visible and it is sheltered by a water tray at the base of the Feedster to prevent ants and other insects from attacking the food. It as well helps to customize the feeding options. The feeder makes portion control much easier. It is great for feeding many cats in a home.

It is voluminous enough and can accommodate roughly ten pounds of food before you need to refill the feeder. It is a great option if you are looking for pet feeder for dry foods. It comes with meal confirmation feature that lets you know through the timer if your cat has been fed in your absence. It is made jam and ant proof.

With the feeder you can customize the amount of food per serving to as small as one teaspoon or as much as six cups of kibble.

Bad features

It is not exceptionally durable and could have issues around two years of use. When it stops working, it makes alarm sound during the scheduled meal times. The programming is not easy but achievable if you stick to the instructions provided in the user manual.

Keep the manual handy in case, you have to re-program again. Emptying the kibble from the container is a lot of hard work and takes about half an hour to do perfectly.

 #3. Super Feeder CSF-3 with Digital Timer

The super feeder CSF-3 is smart cat resistant.  It comes with a lot of pioneering features and one of the best automatic cat feeders in the market. It is a great option if you are looking for a good dry cat food automatic feeder. It can accommodate two or more cats.

What it contains

The feeder comes with a lot of amazing and easily programmable features. It comes with two top quality and durable polycarbonate 2-cup clear extensions and an easy to program analog timer. It comes with optional gallon kibble hopper and cat-proof chute and dispenser lid.

Good features

It can help you to schedule meals for your cats when you are not at home. It is a dependable clog-free feeder.

This CSF-3 Super Feeder combination helps you to plan your pet’s food starting from a few kibbles to many cups of dry food in a day to roughly forty-eight times in a day. It is highly durable and well-built product. The analog timer can be used with the feeder separately or automated with the feeder. The external timer alienates the feeder dispensing mechanism and the on and off button. It is smart-cat proofed and prevents stealing of unauthorized portion of feed.

Bad features

It is a great feeder but the plastic parts are not sturdy enough. It wears out fast. The programming instruction is not very clear especially as the images of the screws are identical and cannot be easily distinguished. The programming is time-consuming as you have to program the kibble size and the time of dispensing schedules. The description is not clear. It is a bit costly compared to related brands.

#4. Wireless Whiskers Autodiet Cat Feeder

The Wireless Whiskers feeder is a good microchip controlled feeder and one of the best automated pet feeder. It opens as soon as a cat putting on the chipped collar comes close to it. It is best for cats on diets and has an excellent portion control option to ensure your cat maintains a healthy weight.

What it contains

It comes with a great portion control options for cats on diet. It comes with features that identify your cat by name as it approaches the feeder. The feeder only opens to a cat putting on a collar wireless tag.

Good features

It can be programmed to allow some cat to eat from it while at the same time preventing others from gaining entrance. It comes with a solid structure and makes it easy for you to add pets to. The open setting closes when a wrong pet want to eat from it. It records the amount of time that your cat spent on the feeder each day. When the cat is not properly fed, it gives off alert. It has sufficient volume and a great choice if you are planning to go away on vacations.

Bad features

The feeder is great but kibbles can prevent the door from shutting properly and cats would steal from the feeder which defeats its use to feed cats on diet. The range of the tag reader is small. For the door to open the cats must be in a particular reading distance for the feeder to be activated and open the door.

The feature for tracking the amount of food eaten by the cat is great but it is better measured against the weight of dry food eaten than against time especially for overweight cats. It is expensive but well worth it.

#5. Sureflap Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Sureflap Surefeed is one of the best automated pet feeders you’d find in the market. It comes with RFID technology. The lid is closed on constant basis and only opens when the right cat approaches the feeder. The right cat must put on a microchip as it approaches the feeder for it to open. While it opens the feeder for the right cat, it at the same time stays shut against the unauthorized pet.

What it contains

It comes with RFID technology and can accommodate roughly thirty-two micro chips.

Good features

It is a great feeder for keeping dogs away from the cats feed and a good option for cats on diet. It comes with a feature that allows you to set the time the feeder shuts after the authorized pet leaves the feeder. It is easy to program and adding a cat’s microchip is as well easy. It as well comes with a training aid which helps the cat to get used to the feeder quickly.

Bad features
An unauthorized pet can slide the feeder away from the wall and steal food from the back while the authorized pet eats from the front. It does not come with a power adaptor or port to plug a power adaptor in.

When the cat is eating and moves away from the range of the sensor, the door shuts it out and don’t open back again if it comes within the rage again.


There you have it, great automatic pet feeding options. All the pet feeder we have selected are of high-quality and among the best automatic pet feeder you’d find in the market but we have chosen the pet safe Healthy pet simply feed as the best overall steal-proofed and great for cats on diet.