5 Healthy Things to do For Your Cat in 2018

#1   Brush His Teeth Everyday

If you’ve been brushing his teeth once a week, every other day or just any time you remember to, you’ve been doing it the wrong way and quite frankly, you’ve been exposing your cat to a whole lot of potential health problems.

Cats are known to spend a lot of time self-grooming themselves and these hair which they cut down with their teeth can get trapped in between the tooth from where it may find itself in the digestive tract.

Even though the Feline digestive system is designed in such a way that it is able to handle hairballs and pass it through stool, there is only so much that it can handle. Large hairballs in the digestive system may not be easily processed and may lead to digestive and respiratory problems for your pet and you may not even know where the problem is coming from.

So make sure you brush his teeth daily, using the right kitty toothpaste so he can be free of bad breath, dental decay and hair balls which may damage his health. To make this easier for you, always brush her teeth whenever you are brushing yours.

It would also help to make a dental appointment for her especially if you have not been brushing her teeth regularly so that a dentist can get her teeth checked and help reverse any damage that may have been done.

#2   Stop Feeding Him Your Dog’s Food

It’s a common practice amongst pet owners who own both dogs and cats to want to treat their cats in the same way they treat their dogs. This may be less time-consuming and cheap for you but very dangerous for your cats.

The nutritional needs and digestive system of a cat and a dog are not built in the same way. Dogs can survive on a vegetarian diet. They can get the nutrients they need from either animal or plant based proteins but cats cannot as they are carnivores to the core and meats make the foundation of their diets because meats contain 11 of the 23 amino acids that your cat needs to survive.

Your cat also needs a specific amino acid known as taurine. Dogs are able to naturally manufacture this in their bodies but cat’s need to ingest it. Dog foods however do not contain enough proteins for cats so this year, make sure you buy your feline’s foods separately and don’t just dump what you feed the dogs in her plate.

#3   Provide Enough Clean and Fresh Water for Your Cat

Cats drink a lot of water and yes, they do need to in order to maintain perfect hydration because the body of a cat is made up of 7o-8o percent water and not giving him enough of this could cause a number of diseases including dehydration and diabetes.

Don’t substitute milk for water; give him his milk but make sure he gets access to enough clean and fresh drinking water.

I know it’s a lot stressful to continue refilling his water bowl but a cat water fountain would help. A cat water fountain provides your cat with a continuous supply of fresh water at any time of the day. The water fountains also come with water filters so that your cat only gets to drink fresh and clean water.

Cat water fountains come made in various materials-plastic, ceramic and stainless steel but the stainless steel water fountains are the best because they are durable and pet-friendly. You can learn more about stainless steel water fountains for cats here.

#4   Microchip Your Cat

Year in, year out, millions of cats get lost without any hope of being found again. Sometimes they get catnapped, sometimes they get killed and at some other times, they just get lost forever because their owners cannot be located.

You can prevent your cat from being in these ugly situations by getting him micro-chipped. A Microchip is like a little tag that bears your name and details which would be inserted in your cat’s skin (quite painless though} so that if he ever gets lost and gets taken to a cat shelter, the microchip would be scanned and your details would be revealed so that you can get called to come and pick your cat.

#5   Schedule Regular Vet Appointments

VET is not just a three letter word, it is the name of a person who is able to monitor your cat’s health, give you professional advice on her to care for her and call your attention to any impending problems so if you’ve been neglecting those VET appointments, make sure you keep up with them this year.

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