10 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Unfortunately, your feline friend is unable to speak-at least not in a language that you are able to understand. But don’t you just wish that you could figure out some of the things running through her mind sometimes?

Well, these are some of the things your cat wishes they could make you understand:

1.     I Need Exercise

Cats need a lot of physical and mental stimulation and they suffer from separation anxiety- a lot. They also have the tendency to become overweight especially when they are not getting enough exercise so it’s important to invest in a few toys that your cat can play with and take him for a walk regularly.

You can also engage in a few activities together like running and climbing so that he is able to get enough physical and mental stimulation regularly. You shouldn’t also forget to give him attention regularly so that he doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety.

2.     I’m Choosy About My Drinking Water

Cats are mostly choosy about where they get their drinking water from that’s why he would sometimes choose to drink from your kitchen basin rather than his drinking bowl. This is because cats love to drink fresh and clean water and maybe the water in his bowl has been there for days or isn’t just clean.

To save yourself the stress of refilling and washing his drinking bowl often, what you should do is to get a cat water fountain which is a fancy drinking bowl, a water filter and a regular source of water supply all in one.

3.     I’m Sorry I Pooped Outside My Litter Box But I Just Couldn’t Help It

Before you punish your cat for taking a dump in inappropriate places, try to find out why he is doing that. Sometimes, when your cat’s litter box is too dirty or when he suffers from a urinary tract infection, he may choose to do his business in someplace else and someplace else might just be your favorite couch so make sure you always keep his litter box clean at all times.

4.     I am Different From The Rest

Just like human beings, cats are unique and one cat may behave in a different way from the other. It’s important that you spend some time getting to know your cat- his temperament, likes and dislikes and avoid assumptions and generalizations.

5.     I May Also Purr When I’m Unhappy

Most people believe that when a cat purrs, he’s happy and satisfied but this may not apply in all cases. Just like humans can cry when they are unhappy and extremely happy, your cat can purr when he is happy or in pains so make sure you pay attention to him especially to see if there are other behaviors that may show that he’s not just purring because he is excited.

6.     Don’t Rub My Belly!

Dogs may enjoy a good rub on their bellies but cats absolutely hate it. This is because the belly is a cat’s most vulnerable spot where her vital organs are located. Touching that area puts her in the position of a prey which she definitely hates so if you really want to show her some love, rub anywhere else, just not the stomach.

7.     Scratching is a Part of My Life

Cats need to scratch and it’s not just because it’s fun. Scratching to cats is what manicure and pedicure is to humans- it is one of the ways they maintain their claws. It is also one of the ways they mark their territories and get some physical and mental stimulation so if you don’t want him scratching your expensive furniture, get her something else to scratch.

8.     I’m Trying to Understand You Too

Your Cat probably just thinks you are an oversized cat and you can bet that the same way you are trying really hard to understand your pet cat is the same way she’s trying to understand you so give her some credit and show some appreciation.

9.     I Know When You’re Stressed

Cats can feel it and they do know when their pet parents are stressed and this may lead them to become withdrawn, anxious or behave in unacceptable ways so before you scold your cat for being so naughty all of a sudden, make sure it’s not just your stress she’s reacting to.

10.     I am Very Possessive

Cats are very possessive little creatures and once they bond with you, they want you to know that you are theirs forever.

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